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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2008-02-07 8:38 

A bill that would require those operating WiFi networks to verify users ages has come under fire. Introduced to the Utah House of Representatives by Rep. Bradley Daw R-Orem late last month, the bill seeks to protect children from accessing “material harmful to minors” via public WiFi networks.[…]

Rep. Daw appears to have finally realized the problems the current wording of his bill would cause. Daw told the Tribunethat he may pull the age provision from the bill in favor of a filtering requirement—even though he realizes that filters aren’t completely effective either.

If filters aren’t effective either then why go forward with the bill anyway?

The age verification requirement is the brainchild of a Utah nonprofit called CP80. Founded by former SCO chairman Ralph Yarro, CP80 seeks to keep pornography away from young eyes by moving it off of port 80. Yarro compares ports to TV channels, arguing that it’s a simple solution to the problem.

Oh that’s why: special interest groups. Again.

Anyone with a technical background knows that it’s not that simple, and is aware of the problems this would cause with IT departments everywhere. For the non-technical, check out the full article.

Say it with me people: “The government is not your parents, nor should it take the place of parents and good parenting.” If you want to keep your kids from looking at pornography on the internet, be a good parent and be involved. It really isn’t that hard, and it doesn’t require ridiculous laws that just make it more expensive and more difficult to do business. We have enough of those already.

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