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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2008-02-12 13:57 

Illegal immigrants are coming into Texas, but not from where one might think.The rush is coming from Arizona, Oklahoma and other states — places that have recently passed tough new anti-illegal immigrant laws.

Is anyone surprised by this? It’s a very, very simple and time-tested formula:

law enforcement + reduced incentive = reduction in illegal activity

Are you listening, lawmakers? Are you listening mayors and governors across America? Are you listening, presidential candidates? After all, as president, part of your job is to be the top law-enforcement official. As a matter of principle, amnesty for illegal immigrants is not an option. (Are you listening John McCain?) The solution is simple: enforce the laws of the land. It is, after all, your job.

Full article: Illegal Immigrants Leaving Arizona, Oklahoma for Texas

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One Response to “Surprise: Anti-illegal immigrant laws actually work”

  1. Josh Fetzer Says:

    There’s an interesting bill going through the Indiana Senate right now basically about the same thing – cracking down on illegal immigrants. It would definitely be nice to see this country crack down on illegal activity by treating illegal immigration the same way as illegal gambling or drugs…