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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2008-02-13 10:11 

While every presidential candidate is pushing some form of socialized health care, a company is now doing to health care what should have been done years ago: introduce competition into the mix. is currently in beta testing and is available in Minneapolis only.  I encourage everyone to check it out, and keep tabs on the company for whenever it is available in your area.

It is time to unleash the free market on healthcare. When you are paying for your own healthcare services, with something like a health savings account,  you’re more likely to:

  • Choose healthcare services wisely
  • Only go to the doctor when you need to, instead of for every sniffle
  • Develop a better relationship with your doctor, so he can phone simple prescriptions into the pharmacy, without requiring a visit
  • Live a healthier lifestyle, because “if you break it, you have to pay to fix it”

Health insurance and frivolous malpractice suits are what are driving healthcare costs in this country out of control.

People with insurance are less likely to take care of themselves because their attitude is “I’m covered.” (This is especially true for those on Medicaid. “The government is paying for it, so who cares if I live an unhealthy lifestyle? I like my Big Macs.”)

Frivolous malpractice suits encourage doctors to order endless rounds of “cover your butt” tests and exams, so that the risk of malpractice suits is lessened. But in The Land of The Lawsuit, everyone thinks that if Mr. Rich Doctor screws up, it’s their chance to get rich and retire. What is lost on seemingly everyone is that doctors are human, and therefore they will make mistakes. Certainly, there are doctors who should not be practicing medicine. But lawsuits aren’t the solution to this: the free market is.

If you can go to a website and rate your doctor (or dentist),  and view ratings and comments by other patients, won’t you be looking for the 4 and 5-star doctors? Won’t you be avoiding the 1-star and 2-star doctors? And if the 1-star and 2-star practicioners don’t get better, they’ll fare as well as 1-star and 2-star restaurants: they’ll go out of business. The end result is better — and less expensive — care for all. And isn’t that the goal?

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Comments (1)

One Response to “Healthcare, the American way”

  1. Josh Fetzer Says:

    Sounds great in theory. This sue-happy society will never let go of the free hand-out mentality though, which is what will eventually force this country right down the shitter into a socialistic society.