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There are five boxes to use in the defense of Liberty: The Soap Box, the Mail Box, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and the Ammunition Box. Please use them in that order.
by FiveBoxes Staff | 2008-02-15 16:30 

When will we learn? How many more innocents will die needlessly because of political agendas?

The graduate student who massacred students in Northern Illinois University lecture hall bought three of his four guns on Saturday – indicating that he had been planning his assault for at least six days, ABC News has learned.


Kevin Sundstrom said, “He had blank stare on his face, not a frown, not a grin, like there was nobody there. I went back to find Paul. He was reloading his gun, like he’s in the backyard, methodically going about it.” [emphasis added]

How many lives would have been saved if one concealed-carry holder would have been in the room? The shooter, Stephen Kazmierczak, took time to reload. One concealed-carry holder in the room could have ended the massacre long before Kazmierczak had a chance to empty one firearm, let alone reload.

Have we not learned our lesson? Have the deaths at Virginia Tech taught us nothing? As the old adage goes, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

Author and scholar John Lott, who has a wonderfully informative book out called The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You’ve Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong. Lott’s research has shown a few interesting bits of information.

People who go on “shooting sprees”:

  • expect to die in the act, almost 100% of the time. Of the 25% that survive the act, almost all of them, when questioned later, admit that they never expected to live and wanted to die.
  • want to invoke the most amount of carnage before their death. Because of this they almost universally pick targets that are unarmed. If there is someone like a police or security officer on the premise, they are almost universally the first victim.
  • will typically plan their attack. As such, they will look for unarmed targets, shift changes by any guards, and other vulnerabilities.

The one thing that cannot be planned for by the shooter is the presence of an armed civilian in plain clothes.

Now, the media will start pointing the finger of blame. They will blame the easy availability of guns in this country.  They will blame the sheer number of guns in this country. They will blame “the system” for allowing Kazmierczak to purchase the guns and ammunition. They will blame everyone except the person responsible for the horrific killings: Stephen Kazmierczak.

Use The Mailbox and write your representatives. Urge them to eliminate “gun free zones” because they are nothing but a false sense of security, and our children would be better protected ifpeople with concealed-carry permits were permitted to carry their firearms on campus.

Original article is here: ABC News: NIU Gunman Bought Arsenal on Saturday

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