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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2008-03-14 16:08 

With all that’s going on in the nation, with all the important issues each state faces (like crime, illegal immigration, economic development,)this is an important enough issue that demands legislative attention?

A proposed law currently making its way through the Florida legislature might help you with what can be an embarrassing problem. Here’s the bottom line, the bill would be a mandate that all eating establishment must have enough toilet paper when you go into the restroom. 

The only problem is the bill doesn’t dictate how much toilet paper is "enough."

State Senator Victor Crist, a Republican from Tampa, felt the problem was so important, a law must be passed to protect the backsides of anyone in Florida. The measure will also try to regulate the cleanliness of restrooms in eating establishments.

So if this passes, what will happen? Will they create a Department of Restroom Cleanliness and hire Restroom Inspectors and raise taxes to pay their salaries and expenses? Will they walk around with calipers to measure the amount of TP left on the roll? Will there be conversion charts for comparing single-ply versus two-ply? Will future legislation regulate the softness of the TP?

There’s a simple solution to this problem: vote with your wallet. Places with clean bathrooms stocked with TP will stay in business, places that aren’t so nice won’t. No legislation required. No tax dollars spent. No calipers.

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