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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2008-05-06 5:45 

From across the pond, the Daily Mail reports that asylum seekers are trying to break out of Britain. Why?

[…] because they are fed up with the poor healthcare and bad weather.

And England has — say it with me — socialized healthcare.

Perhaps the proponents of a socialized healthcare system here in the United States, like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, are actually trying to eliminate one of the reasons border-jumpers come here in the first place: our top-notch healthcare system. Perhaps their plan is really an anti-illegal immigration plan in disguise.

That would be believable until you remember that these presidential hopefuls are courting the Hispanic vote as well.

Conclusion: proponents of socialized healthcare systems can’t learn the lessons from other people’s failures. Instead they insist that “it’s a good idea, but it just hasn’t been implemented properly,” while trying to convince everyone that their way will work. For everyone who’s been paying attention, socialized anything never works, never has, and never will.

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Comments (1)

One Response to “Illegal immigration solution in disguise?”

  1. Josh Fetzer Says:

    Ah, socialized programs and their faults. Yet another hashed and re-hashed bunch of bullshit that liberal shit-fucks like to bitch about. These people are Commie pricks and need to have their reproductive organs removed from their bodies so that they cannot procreate the stupidity they boast.

    I am so tired of hearing about the morons named Barack and Hillary and their bullshit ideas. Just go the fuck home and quit bitching. I’m going to write a book called “Shutting the Hell Up and You! A new kids book that should be in every school.”

    All these ideas tie back into the decimating of our freedom for the sake of people’s safety, security, and welfare. It’s failed a thousand times over in other parts of the world and we do not need to try it here in the United States.