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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2008-06-07 11:31 

Via email, we received a PDF of a document entitled “Swine Industry Crisis”, originally prepared by Dallas Hockman, who is with the National Pork Producers Council. In it, there are some startling revelations. Namely, that while the U.S. is the largest producer and exporter of pork in the world, the industry is headed for hard times due to high feed prices. This is a direct result of the use of corn for ethanol.

The end result?

According to the document, pork producers are estimated to lose a total of $3.3 billion, while consumers will suffer a loss of $8 billion due to reduced pork consumption and increased prices.

The document is attached below for your perusal. It is only 6 pages and a quick read. It’s highly recommended that you do.

Ethanol is a substandard, inefficient fuel, and far from the Holy Grail of fuel sources. The continued use and federal subsidization of ethanol production will only further deepen the economic problems we are currently facing, both at the pump and in the grocery store.

Actions to take: First, use The Mailbox to contact your representatives. Send them the document. Tell them that further use for corn as fuel — and government subsidies that encourage ethanol production — is disastrous for both our economy, and the availability and affordability of our food. Second, most states require that gasoline that contains ethanol must be clearly stated as such on the pump. So contact the offices of the major petroleum manufacturers who add ethanol to their gasoline, such as BP. Tell them that you will not purchase their products if they contain ethanol, and will give your business to filling stations that only sell ethanol-free blends.

Document: National Pork Producers Council report: Swine Industry Crisis

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