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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2008-08-07 14:17 

TIME “journalist” (and we do use that term lightly) Michael Grunwald shows his real colors in his latest fluff piece. Rather than a balanced journalism piece, Mr. Grunwald instead churns out an op-ed disguised as an article in which he espouses the virtues of Barack Obama’s energy policy, and goes further by telling us the other “green” things we can do to cut our energy usage. Apparently, these are some examples of “change” Mr. Grunwald wants us to live by, and we can probably expect more than a few mandates in these regards if Obama gets elected president:

We can use those twisty carbon fluorescent lightbulbs. We can unplug our televisions, computers and phone chargers when were not using them. We can seal our windows, install more insulation and adjust our thermostats so that we waste less heat and air-conditioning. We can use more-efficient appliances, build more-efficient homes and drive more-efficient cars, preferably with government assistance. And, yes, we can inflate our tires and tune our engines, as Republican governors Arnold Schwarzenegger of California and Charlie Crist of Florida have urged, apparently without consulting the RNC. While were at it, we can cut down on idling, which can improve fuel economy another 5%, and cut down on speeding and unnecessary acceleration, which can increase mileage as much as 20%.

And thats just the low-hanging fruit. There are other ways to reduce demand for oil — more public transportation, more carpooling, more telecommuting, more recycling, less exurban sprawl, fewer unnecessary car trips, buying less stuff and eating less meat — that would require at least some lifestyle changes. But things like tire gauges can reduce gas bills and carbon emissions now, with little pain and at little cost and without the ecological problems and oil-addiction problems associated with offshore drilling.

Really? Unplug our TV sets when we’re done using it? That is going to save the planet? If it’s come to that, we’re in worse shape than is being reported, and we might as well give up and fire up the coal-burning power plants to power every incandescent light bulb on the planet so we can enjoy what little time we have left. Besides, unplugging the TV after each usage means we would need to wait for it to reprogram in all 500+ channels of digital HD programming, then manually re-tweak all the color and sound settings, reprogram in the favorites… sorry, but that’s just plain inconvenient. It’s bad enough when the power goes out, but every day? Lunacy.

And what is this government assistance of which you speak? We’re already in debt well past our eyeballs, and Mr. Grunwald proposes Mother Government stepping forth with more borrowed cash in hand to help us transition to more fuel-efficient homes and cars? So… they’ll tear down your $200,000 home and build you a new one worth $200,000, and take your $30,000 car and replace it with one of equal value? Right. The more likely scenario would be kick you out of your house and move you into a Soviet Union-era row house, then put you on a waiting list for the wonderfully successful and luxurious Trebant.

Be cautious and protect your liberties, dear readers. This green movement is pushing us towards global socialism at a frightening rate, and it’s not an accident. It is the desired goal of the Progressives.

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