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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2008-09-12 6:11 

With energy prices soaring and the Farmer’s Almanac predicting a cold winter, one would think that the top issue for the returning 110th Congress would be our energy policy.

One would be wrong.

With all indicators pointing towards gains in both the House and the Senate and the potential of a Congress so packed with Democrats that Republicans would be unable to filibuster, Congress has put on the cruise control. They are hoping for an Obama win in November, which will ensure that whatever crazy, socialistic, cap-and-trade energy plan they come up with they can just push on through without opposition and without compromise. No matter how crazy it may be, no matter how much it hurts the United States and our economy, they’ll be able to ram it down our throats.

How crazy could they get about energy? How about nationalizing the oil industry crazy.

Yes, the same people who can’t make the Senate cafeteria run without losing over $1 million taxpayer dollars per year are floating the possibility of nationalizing the resource that fuels our economy.

So what are they doing?

Buying your votes with borrowed dollars, of course!

According to Forbes:

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Robert Byrd is peddling a $24.1 billion stimulus bill that includes $10 billion for infrastructure and energy investments, like $100 million for Amtrak and $52 million in additional funding for the Federal Housing Administration. Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is pitching a $50 billion stimulus plan.

The only way it could be more of a bribe would be if they personally handed you your “stimulus check” while escorting you to the voting booth.

Congress’ approval ratings hit an all-time low of 9% in July. Is it any wonder as to why?

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