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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2008-10-30 18:46 

We have said on previous occasions that the thing that will drive this country into socialism, with the people willingly going along with it, is a food crisis. Some say “it could never happen here.”

They are not paying attention.

As this story reports, an Iranian ship was loaded with radioactive sand, and headed toward Israel via the Suez Canal. It was, in essence, a giant floating dirty bomb. The plan was for an explosion would carry the radioactive particles high into the atmosphere and blanket Israel during Yom Kippur. The U.S. government, for reasons unknown, is burying the story, as is the majority of the news media. Aside from Pat Dollard’s site, the only other non-blog news site that we could find that mentioned it is Israel National News.

If such a situation were to happen on the west coast of America, the prevailing winds would carry radioactive particles for hundreds of miles, irradiating the western third to half of the United States and parts of Mexico and Canada. Our western seaboard and ports would be shut down, and everything grown in that area would be inedible.


You bet.

And it would be just the kind of food crisis that would be needed to shove us from the doorstep of socialism, all the way through the door.

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