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There are five boxes to use in the defense of Liberty: The Soap Box, the Mail Box, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and the Ammunition Box. Please use them in that order.
by FiveBoxes Staff | 2009-01-29 19:27 

Let us take a look at President Obama’s first week in office:

  • After the inauguration, he showed how much he respects this country’s heros by skipping a tradition of meeting Congressional Medal of Honor recipients and instead went to galas with Hollywood celebrities.
  • He also didn’t waste any time showing the media who’s boss by making it clear that they have to “pay to play” and also gave us an indication that if you ask a substantive question, or one that’s not pre-approved, it won’t get answered. This is transparency?
  • One of the first thing he was was to rescind the ban on federal funding for international groups that perform abortions. So in the middle of an economic crisis, facing trillions of dollars of debt, he believes it’s in the country’s best interests to send more federal dollars overseas? Why has the President put the politics of his party in front of the needs of his country?
  • Next was the order to close the enemy combatant detention center at Guantanamo Bay within 1 year. Along with it, the military tribunals that had been scheduled — and approved by both houses of Congress — have been delayed for 120 days. Apparently it doesn’t matter that released detainees in Gitmo have returned to terrorism.
  • His advisory team is looking at nationalizing a large portion of the banking industry in this country.
  • His nominee for Attorney General — Eric Holder — is no friend of civil liberties.  He has taken stances that threaten the freedom of speech & press (1st Amendment), gun owners (2nd Amendment), double-jeopardy (5th Amendment), and right to counsel (6th Amendment). Oh, and not only does his law firm represent detainees in Gitmo, he has a history of putting politics ahead of national security: as deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno, he helped secure the pardon of 8 unrepentant FALN terrorists, despite the written objection of FBI Director Louis Freeh.
  • His nominee for Secretary of the Treasury — Timothy Geithner — failed to pay $34,000 in taxes until he was given the notification that he would be Obama’s pick for the cabinet position. Foolishly, the Senate confirmed the appointment.
  • He is seeking a worldwide ban on weapons in space. While this sounds good, it’s difficult to define what constitutes a “weapon”.
  • He decided to give his first TV interview with the Arabic TV network Al-Arabiya, where his first comments criticized the United States and the way we have handled Middle East foreign policy in the past.
  • He pushed for federal fuel-efficiency standards, saying We cannot afford to pass the buck or push the burden onto the states.” Do the states have no rights of their own anymore? Obama also said that these new standards will “help the auto industry produce a viable product.” Shouldn’t the auto industry determine for themselves what makes a viable product? Did the car companies suddenly lose their rights to determine what products they make? And since when was Obama — or anyone in Washington, for that matter — suddenly become an expert in what makes the automobile industry tick and what determines their profitability?
  • After criticizing the Bush administration‘s handling of Global War on Terror as “air-raiding villages and killing civilians” while on the campaign trail, he gave approval for a Predator drone attack that Afghanistan President Karzai reports killed 16 civilians, including 2 children.

Whew! If this is what we can expect from the next four years, we’re going to have a hard time ahead in defense of our liberties. Stay tuned.

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