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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2009-03-02 16:52 

Last year, many people, including this website, started talking about the danger that Barack Obama posed to this nation. We talked about how his views were Marxist-socialist. We talked about how his ties to radicals painted a foreboding picture of what we could expect from him. We talked about his anti-gun history and his tax-and-spend history. And we talked about his agenda that would end the sovereignty of the United States and eliminate the liberties we enjoy by aligning with the United Nations.

But despite all of these warnings, people heard what they wanted to hear.

“He’s not a socialist, he just wants everyone to have a fair chance at success,” is what they heard. Now, the “bailout bill” and his next budget proposal are both packed with socialist programs like socialized healthcare. And none of these programs were vetted, debated, or otherwise discussed before cramming it down our throats.

“He doesn’t have any ties to radicals or radical organizations, they’re just people in his neighborhood,” is what they heard. Now, ACORN is being rewarded for helping with voter fraud by getting millions in “bailout” cash.

“He won’t take your guns,” is what they heard. But he appointed Eric Holder as his Attorney General, who is already setting the stage for sweeping gun bans.

“He’s going to cut my taxes,” is what they heard. But now the new proposed budget will give most Americans a tax cut of a whopping $8 per week while imposing back-door taxes like limiting how much charitable contributions can be deducted, and increasing federal taxes on energy.

And despite all the evidence to the contrary, despite the framework for his ambitions being laid out in Senate Bill 2433 that Obama himself wrote, they all said “He’s not doing anything wrong by donating some of our tax revenue to the poor in other countries.” And now, as we (and others) have warned, Obama is talking “Global New Deal” with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who calls for a “coordinated international action to build tomorrow today – putting the world economy on an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable path towards future growth and recovery.”

In blissful ignorance, they voted for buzzwords. In blissful ignorance, they ignored the warnings. In blissful ignorance they continue to ignore the truth about what is happening.

And as the hand of global socialism pulls down the curtain on liberty and freedom, how long will people sit in the blissful ignorance of buzzwords before waking up to find themselves in a dark gray morass of tyranny, unaware that they are responsible for putting us there?

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