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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2009-03-19 12:38 

Is it any wonder we’re in the current financial mess we’re in in this country? Look at these examples of gross incompetence:

  • The president hit his head getting into the Marine One helicopter.
  • The president mistook a window for a door.
  • The president thanked himself in a teleprompter goof in a St. Patrick’s Day speech.
  • The White House misspelled the name of the Brazilian President in the official announcement of his visit.
  • The Secretary of State presented a “reset” button to the Russian Foreign Minister, but the Russian word for “reset” on the button was misspelled, and actually said “overload” in Russian.
  • The White House called in the founder of a dot-com company for financial advice, despite the fact the company has yet to make any money.
  • The president sent back to England a bust of Winston Churchill, which was a gift from England to the U.S. after the 9/11 attacks. To add insult to injury, after receiving a thoughtful, priceless gift from Prime Minister Gordon Brown of England — an ornamental pen holder made from the wood of the Victorian-era British anti-slave ship HMS Gannet — the president gave Mr. Brown… 25 DVDs.

And in the grossest example of incompetence, while the economy is crashing and America is burning, the president busies himself with Super Bowl parties, St. Patrick Day parties, Wednesday night cocktail parties, and college basketball picks.

Can anyone imagine if George Bush had the same two months in office?

We hope that someone tells Mr. Obama that being the President of the United States is not a big party and that the country will not put up with him blaming other people (President Bush, Republicans, everyone else but him) for long. The country’s problems are now his problems. The economy is his problem. He needs to step up, be a man, take responsibility for the mess, and stop partying like everything is fine in the United States, when everything is definitely not fine.

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