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by M. LaMorte | 2009-04-10 13:37 

So let me get this straight.

The Maersk Alabama, an American ship, flying the American flag, is captured by Somali pirates. The 21-man crew is captured. The crew, tired of waiting for a rescue, overpower the pirates, capture one of them, and regain control. The rest of the pirates get away in one of the Maersk Alabama’s life rafts and take her captain, Richard Phillips, as hostage. There’s a U.S. Navy ship nearby. The lifeboat has run out of gas.

The captain, tired of waiting for rescue, tried to escape last night around midnight, but was recaptured. According to an Associated Press story, “A U.S. Navy ship patrolling nearby was able to see Phillips moving around and talking after his return to the pirate’s boat.”

So a rag-tag bunch of Somali pirates are bobbing around in the ocean in a lifeboat with no gas, holding an American citizen hostage, and we’re doing nothing?

Yesterday during a press conference about housing, President Obama was asked what the latest is on the situation. His response? “We’re talking about housing right now.”


From that meeting did he go into the War Room to meet with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to determine the best course of action? Nope. He and Secretary of State instead headed for the playground. (I wish I was kidding. The exclusive photo can be found here.)

At the end of today’s meeting with economic advisors, he was asked again by reporters for comments on the situation. Again he declined to comment.

This is the President of the United States?

I am outraged. Beyond outraged. Every citizen of this country should be outraged.

Our country is being held hostage by a handful of Somali pirates? And our big response is to send in an FBI hostage negotiator? How about sending in the Marines, Mr. Obama? How about a SEAL team?

A real President would, upon hearing the news, would have immediately got every reporter nearby and said the following:

“As President of the United States, I take great offense that anyone has deemed it acceptable to attack and hijack a ship flying the colors of this nation. To the perpetrators: you have one hour to release the crew and the ship, unharmed. If you do not comply, if any member of the crew is harmed in any way, we will be coming to take our ship and her crew back by force, and we will not stop there… we will take the fight to your country, to your cities, to your homes, to ensure that you never, ever have the ability to do this again. I will not negotiate. This is your first and last warning.”

Instead, Mr. Obama had nothing to say because it wasn’t written for him on a teleprompter.

And while he waits, while he twiddles his thumbs, while he does nothing, the pirates have summoned reinforcements.

And while he waits, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thinks its a laughing matter that the world community can work together on.


And while he waits, while he does nothing, our nation gets weaker, and weaker…. and weaker. We are being held hostage not by a handful of pirates, but by one man who lacks the strength to stand up for his nation. Which leads me to wonder: if he is unwilling to stand up to a handful of pirates, what is he going to do when Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea decide to threaten us?

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