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There are five boxes to use in the defense of Liberty: The Soap Box, the Mail Box, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and the Ammunition Box. Please use them in that order.
by FiveBoxes Staff | 2009-08-07 19:00 
  • Everything you need to know about Barack Obama, summed up in one official White House photo: #
  • Reading: Was Pelosi So Wrong About Swastikas? | Sweetness #
  • Obamacare… Was Pelosi So Wrong About Swastikas? #
  • W. House: "jihadists" no longer acceptable word: So radical Islamists who kill in the name of jihad are…? #
  • Obama: "I don't want the folks who created the [healthcare] mess to do a lot of talking." We say: "Then shut up, Mr. President." #
  • Obama working on warrentless spying on US Citizens' computers via the ACTA Treaty: #
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