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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2009-10-31 15:16 

So much for that

Thomas Jefferson’s first inaugural address called for “a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.”

Reading through the headlines and news for this week, we shake our heads at how far away from that principle.

ObamaCare Update

Seems like someone has actually been checking what the politicians are saying to see if it’s true or not. Surprise surprise, it’s not. According to an article in the Associated Press, health insurance companies make less money than Farm and construction machinery, Tupperware, the railroads, Hershey sweets, Yum food brands and Yahoo. So much for the picture politicians are painting that the “insurance industry fat cats living large while people die.”

In the meantime, the House version of the bill has hit the floor with a resounding THUD. Weighing in at 1,990 pages and 400,000 words, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates this latest piece of dung will cost taxpayers $1,055,000,000,000, or $530,150,753.77 per page. We’re feeling sick just thinking about it. Now Nancy Pelosi, at Obama’s urging, will try to cram this through by Thanksgiving. Which makes us wonder: The Founding Fathers spent just shy of 4 months (116 days) debating the wording of the Constitution, which, if printed out today, takes about 9 pages. This works out to roughly 13 days per page. If the Congress would apply the same measure to this current bill, it would take 25,870 days — almost 70 years — to go over this bill. We think they should.

Some highlights from the bill:


Last week, we reported how Obama is living the high life while the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating. The situation continues:

Talking this past weekend to two brothers who are active duty soldiers, we found that both of them are getting out after their current tour is up. Both of them are mid-rank NCOs, both have served multiple tours overseas, and both will get out with just shy of 10 years in service. These are the people who the army needs to stay in so that they may pass their knowledge, experience, and leadership on to the next generation of U.S. fighting men. So why are they getting out? Both cited Obama as commander in chief as one of the major reasons. And seeing how Obama is handling his responsibilities as Commander in Chief, we can’t blame them.

Can we really afford this?

Our spending is through the roof, we have massive debt, the U.S. Treasury is printing money like mad, and President Obama thinks this is a good time to

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