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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2009-11-27 23:15 

$300 million going once, going twice…

The jobs of Senators are to represent the best interests of their states in Congress. Well, then the Best Senator Lifetime Achievement Award should go to Mary Landrieu from Louisiana. She was able to sell her vote for the healthcare bill for $300 million in bribes “help” for her state. And all Americans will get to pay for it. Americans for Tax Reform has a nice list of just a few of the raised taxes that come with the healthcare bill. They include taxes and tax hikes on charitable hospitals, employers, and… individuals. So much for Obama’s promise that no one will see “a single dime” of higher taxes. Oh, and some of those taxes? They go to cover government-funded abortion. We find it remarkable that the same government who perpetually loses money running the government-secured monopoly that is the post office, loses $32 per rider running Amtrak, and can’t even run the Senate cafeteria without losing money, is the same government who says they’re going to save money running healthcare. We find it even more remarkable that some people actually believe the bovine excrement that the politicians are shoveling. While Senators like Ohio’s Sherrod Brown keep calling healthcare reform “something the majority of Americans want”, Rasmussen Reports show that Congress is predictably out of touch with their constituents. According to the most recent poll, public support for healthcare reform has dropped to an all-time low, with only 38% favoring it.

Speaking of wasting money…

Obama has shattered the presidential first-year spending record.

With leadership like this, soup lines can’t be far behind

How about that economy! Despite Obama & Company saying that “we’ve turned the corner” and “the economy is on the rebound”, the fact remains that the

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