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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2009-12-07 16:28 

Seems that the hacking of the climatologists’ computers revealed some interesting data. Namely that in some of the emails, the “researchers” were actually talking about using a fudge factor to make the output of their computer climate models line up to the “we’re all gonna die!” predictions. Geeks even looked at some of the source programming code, and found programmer’s comments that also talk about how the software would ignore crucial parts of the data that kept the computer from delivering a “we’re all gonna die!” result. We feel that all the data andthe computer models should all be open source, but that’s another issue entirely.

While the liars “researchers” are falsifying their results and NASA hides their data, our federally-educated children are being brainwashed that global warming is happening and Obama is heading to the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen. Obama will predictably announce that everyone needs to cut their carbon emissions and that despite the fact that countries like India refuse to participate in such action, the United States will do it anyway. We’re predicting this because ousted Green Jobs Czar and radical Van Jones is still advising the White House. That’s right kids, the White House is being advised by the 20-person Presidential Climate Action Project (PCAP) based out of the University of Colorado, and Van Jones is on the panel. Coincidence? We think not. After all, Van Jones is also turtleneck-deep in actually drafting the Copenhagen treaty. Remember the lessons of Strategists and Tacticians: Strategists never hold elected office… they simply and easily bounce from “advisory position” to “think tank” to “non-profit non-partisan organization”, but still wield the same power.

We’re still not sure if faux climatologist and full-time charlatan Al Gore is a Strategist or a Tactician fighting for relevance (though we’re leaning toward the latter). We do know that he’s living in denial, because just this week he said that the emissions reduction targets of the Copenhagen summit aren’t tough enough.

Of interest is the fact that no mainstream media outlet has covered this story except for Fox News. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Headline News, New York Times… all silent. Tiger Woods’ infidelity has garnered more press coverage than ClimateGate. We know the word is not getting out because The Guhvernator of California, Ahhhnold Schwarzenegger, recently unveiled a dramatic climate change map which shows a flooded San Francisco of the future. Apparently he didn’t get the memo.

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