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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2010-01-01 13:18 

With everyone being busy, we are offering a single news update for the Christmas & New Year’s weeks, and plan to be back in action in 2010 with more articles, more op-eds, and lots more research.

From FiveBoxes to all of you, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God Bless.

Harry Christmas to All

While you were out shopping and baking Christmas cookies, Harry Reid slammed the healthcare bill through Congress by using every dirty trick available: 1am votes, milti-million dollar bribes, extortion, and more.

While more Americans oppose the bill than opposed President Bush’s proposal to overhaul Social Security, the Senators are again telling us — the poor, uneducated masses — that they know what’s good for us, and damnit we’re going to take their brand of medicine if it kills us. And it likely may. There is language in the bill that establishes the so-called “death panels” (though they call it the “Independent Medicare Advisory Board”). What is interesting is that language inserted by Harry Reid says that “it shall not be in order in the senate or the house of representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.” In other words, unlike every other law, and unlike the Constitution itself, this is permanent.

Folks, this is how dictators operate, not a government of free people.


Congress spent just 17 days debating the bill’s 2100 pages. Nobody wants it. And our leaders just don’t care.

The shipwrecks of socialized healthcare are plain for all to see, stretching from Canada to England, yet our “we know better than our moronic constituents who voted for us” so-called representatives in Congress are forging ahead. For an example of the catastrophic failures in socialized healthcare, let’s look across the pond to England, where understaffed maternity wards just get mothers in labor “drugged to the eyeballs” on painkillers and pretty much ignore them because there’s not enough personnel to spend even half an hour with each patient. This is what our government is trying to convince us is better than our current system?

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office even says that healthcare costs will go up, instead of down, with government reform, and the American Enterprise Institute agrees. In addition to all of the main reasons why the costs will go up, let’s not forget that Congress is already treating the healthcare bill as their own re-election piggy bank. Take for example Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, who added a $100 million item to the Senate version of the bill, expressly for building another hospital in his home state.

Obama said that “we are on the precipice” of major health care changes. Truer words were never spoken. See, “precipice” means “a very steep rock face or cliff, typically a tall one” and “denotes a headlong fall”. Being on the precipice is a bad thing. Obama’s Freudian slip belies the truth about this bill: it’s 2100 pages of bad things coming our way.

Let it Snow

For the first time in decades, 2/3 of the United States had a white Christmas. cursnow_usa_122509.gif Minneapolis got socked with their snowiest Christmas in 30 years, north Texas got its first white Christmas in 83 years, and parts of South Dakota had the snowiest Christmas in history.

Around the world, cold weather is hitting us square in the face. Over in Copenhagen, a “climate change protest” got snowed out because of blizzard conditions. Dublin, Ireland had to close its airport because of heavy snowfall. Over a dozen people died in India due to cold weather.

That rumble you hear is God laughing.

“Polluter” is the new “Sinner”

churchlady.jpgDespite the plummeting temperatures and the exposing of climate researchers’ data as being faked, “climate change” is the hot new religion of the 21st century, and “polluting” is the new “sin”. In the nation’s capital, a 5ยข tax is being added for each plastic shopping bag people get issued, despite the fact most grocery stores have recycling bins for bringing back empty bags. Many people use these plastic shopping bags to pick up after their pets, but that won’t be a problem for long, because two New Zealanders published a book explaining how pets are bigger polluters than SUVs. (Oh yeah, who called that one? We did.) Even the Pope is getting involved by telling followers of the Catholic faith that they must change their lifestyles to save the planet.

On the Road to Recovery Hell

There are more mixed messages about the direction the economy is heading than listening to a dance floor conversation on prom night. Lawrence Summers, director of the National Economic Council and top Obama economic advisor, is calling the recession over and is expecting job growth by spring. Riding the fence, the Commerce Department is saying the recovery is not as strong as previously thought. We prefer to look at the numbers and pay less attention to what the politicians have to say.

First, are the unemployment numbers. Small business bankruptcies rise 81% in California. In Connecticut, phone calls for filing unemployment claims overwhelm the server. Over 20 million people collected unemployment checks in 2009.

The United States has topped its debt limit (or how much, by law, we’re allowed to borrow from other countries), and Democrats in Congress want to raise it anther $2 trillion. They want to do this because they are drunk on spending money. Examples:

And despite the US losing $400 billion on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (which were “too big to fail”), the US Treasury Department is spending another $3.8 billion to “invest” in GMAC to aid is troubled mortgage arm.

So while Obama says[we can’t treat taxpayer dollars like] monopoly money“, he turns around and signs $1.1 trillion spending bill into law, then tells us that unless we spend more money by passing ObamaCare, the federal government will go bankrupt.

Newsflash, Mr. Obama: we already are bankrupt. Spending more money when we don’t have any to spend in the first place is like saying “Oh, we can’t afford our mortgage, utilities, and food bill? Well, if I don’t buy this sports car, we’re gonna go bankrupt!”

How does the government intend on paying for all these new expenditures? We”l give you a hint: the IRS is hiring hundreds of new employees.

In closing

We leave you with this tidbit: while the vast majority of Americans celebrated Christmas by attending church services on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, the Obama family did not. We cannot remember the last time the first family didn’t celebrate Christmas by attending mass.

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