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There are five boxes to use in the defense of Liberty: The Soap Box, the Mail Box, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and the Ammunition Box. Please use them in that order.
by FiveBoxes Staff | 2010-01-29 11:38 

By the numbers

$12,245,872,000,000Outstanding federal debt
$454,798,000,000 – Federal deficit, fiscal year 2008
$1,417,121,000,000 – Federal deficit, fiscal year 2009
$962,323,000,000 – Increase in federal deficit under 1 year of Barack Obama
$2,100,744amount of taxpayer dollars Nancy Pelosi spent over 2 years treating the US Air Force like her personal airline
$101,429 – Nancy Pelosi’s “in-flight services” bill for food and alcohol on US Air Force flights

60+Number of US officials who attended Copenhagen climate change summit (not including Secret Service and staff)
$1,100,000 – Bill for sending US officials to Copenhagen summit
$2,200 – Room & board cost per day per official attending Copenhagen summit
21Rank of “global warming” in a poll of American’s 21 top priorities for our government in 2010

Like it or not, here we come

Tim Tebow — the Heisman-winning quarterback that led the Florida Gators to two BCS wins — is going to star in a Super Bowl ad themed “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life”. And that rubs some people the wrong way. Like Karen Middlekauff, a law student at the University of Florida and president of a student organization supporting gay students, who says that Tebow “has chosen to represent a viewpoint that shouldn’t be associated with the university”. And Daniel Smith, University of Florida associate professor of political science and faculty adviser to Gators for Choice who said that Tebow has “a good chance of alienating half your fan support”. Smith should check the statistics. Much to the dismay of the pro-choice crowd, a new study shows that the majority of Americans — and 58% ages 18-29 — see abortion as morally wrong. So statistically speaking, Tim Tebow stands to gain fans. But that’s not why he’s appearing in the ad. You see, Tim Tebow’s mother was told by her doctor that her health was at risk during her pregnancy, and she was advised to have an abortion. If Pam Tebow would have listened to her doctor, Tim Tebow wouldn’t be alive today.

And you think it’s bad now

You know all the “waiting in line at the DMV” jokes. One common theme from people against government-controlled healthcare (such as us) is to ask if you want your healthcare run like the DMV. So in this week’s installment, we direct your attention to the state of California’s DMV. It seems that a computer failure caused delays of 3+ hours in all 168 California DMV offices simultaneously. So let’s hypothesize that the US Federal Government gets their way and they control healthcare. Let’s further assume that they get their way and they install computer networks to “increase efficiency and cut costs” (despite the fact that a 2009 Harvard Medical School study shows that there are no benefits from computerized health records.) Imagine needing to be admitted to the hospital for an emergency, and the hospital can’t pull up your medical records because a computer in another part of the state (or worse, in another state) is down.

And once again, we swing across the pond to the shining example of socialized healthcare, merry ol’ England. It seems that a 8-year-old girl in England cracked a baby tooth eating a piece of candy. This started a chain of events that — thanks to England’s oh-so-great healthcare system — led to her death three weeks later. You read that correctly: a cracked baby tooth led to an 8-year-old’s death. Awesome. We can’t wait to have such top-notch healthcare available here.

Rights? You have no rights.

ca0123d20100120031404.jpgRemember the Salahis? They were the uninvited guests at Obama’s first state dinner with the Prime Minister of India. Well, they got pulled in front of a House committee, inquiring into their party crashing. They repeatedly invoked their 5th Amendment rights under the Constitution, which provides the accused the right to remain silent. And Congressmen from both sides aired what they thought about the Constitution and our rights:

  • “You have shown effrontery here.” — Daniel Lungren, R-California.
  • “I think today’s procedure is a charade.” — Mark Souder, R-Indiana
  • “I don’t respect your right to take the Fifth Amendment. Not at all,” — Bill Pascrell Jr., D-New Jersey

Apparently the current government — House, Senate, and White House — thinks that we are not citizens with rights, but subjects with privileges.

President Hoover? Is that you?

In his State of the Union address, Obama said that he wants to double exports from the United States in 5 years. We’d love to see that, but his actions are ensuring that this won’t happen. Channelling Herbert Hoover, Obama has started enacting tariffs on imported goods, such as a 90-175% duty on electric blankets coming in from China. May we remind the administration that the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930, which raised tariffs and duties on 20,000 imported goods, is widely held to be one of the leading causes for plunging the United States into the Great Depression.

Trains to nowhere

What is it with politicians and choo-choo trains? Seriously! Obama is now pimping out $8,000,000,000 in “stimulus” money, saying “Those things are fast, they are smooth, you don’t have to take off your shoes.” Right. Until some radical Islamic jihadist blows one up. Fact of the matter is, no one will ride these things. The round-trip cost for a 150-mile trip for a family of 4 will cost more than renting a luxury SUV for the day, and take an hour longer than driving yourself.

As we wrote before, trains will not work in America: “Americans love their cars because cars are freedom. They allow you to go wherever, whenever, and be tied to no one’s schedule but your own. Cars are the ultimate expression of freedom, and in America, even poor people have cars.”

Trains and other forms of public transportation work well in other countries because it has to work. Other countries have roads and bridges that were built by the Roman Empire. They have buildings that took longer to build than the United States is old. They’re not exactly going to knock them down to put in 6-lane expressways. When it comes down to it, the politicians in Washington should realize that we are not Europe West. We are the United States of America. They had better start loving this country for what we are and stop trying to make us into the nations our forefathers left behind. They need to let America be America.

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