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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2010-07-31 10:45 

ObamaConomy Update

ObamaCare Update

Last week we reported that in the new ObamaCare-mandated electronic medical records, everyone in America will have an obesity rating. Why? Look to Germany where their rapidly bankrupting socialist healthcare system is looking at taxing obese people.

In other ObamaCare news, some insurers stop writing new coverage for kids. Didn’t ObamaCare supporters say this kind of thing wouldn’t happen if ObamaCare was passed? Didn’t they say that it was all “fear-mongering by the political right”? Why yes, yes they did.

Let’s be more like Europe. No, really

We’ve said for a long time that we should let America be America rather than try to copy Europe. Well, there are two stories from across the pond that we should pay attention to… and emulate. In England, their socialist healthcare system is beyond broken. It rations basic and common operations such as cataract surgery and orthodontic procedures, has cut services for terminally ill patients telling them to “manage your own symptoms”, closed nursing homes, and cut services to pediatric and maternity services. They’ve cut everything beyond the bone and while over here Herry Reid says “We’re going to have a public option” on the road to socialized healthcare here in America, England has finally realized the only solution to provide cost-effective quality healthcare is to decentralize their health care system.

While Obama has turned the Global War on Terror into “Overseas Contingency Operation“, and terrorism has been officially re-named “man-caused disaster”, France stopped mincing words, put on their grown-up pants, and declared war against al-Qaida.

It’s a sad day when we say “we need to be more like France,” but then again they’re starting to act more like how America used to be.

Oh really?

The spin:

The truth:

Let’s talk

That’s the new form of diplomacy of the Obama administration. Let’s talk with our enemies. For example, they want a “change of mindset” in Afghanistan and want to open up talks with the Taliban. Obama also wants a “New Start” treaty with Russia and wants to cut our nuclear stockpile by 30-40%. And that worked out sooooo well in the past, hasn’t it? Despite Desert Storm, George H.W. Bush was another talker who was responsible for the first START treaty with the USSR in 1991. And how did our enemy respond to talking? They never adhered to the 1991 START treaty, violating it from day 1 till the end. As we said two years ago:

Barack Obama apparently is unaware that there are only two modes of diplomacy: bribes and threats.

Time and again, history has shown that bribes are ineffective; they only work for a short period of time until the terms of the bribe aren’t enough anymore. Then you have to make the decision all over again if you’re going to up the bribe, or switch to threats, which history has proven time and again do work.

Currently, we as a nation are so fiscally bankrupt that we cannot bribe people any more, so to ensure our safety, our security, our prosperity, our sovereignty, and our liberties, it is essential that we maintain the ability to make threats, and make good on those threats if necessary.

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

What’s Michelle Obama doing for Barack’s big day? She’s going to Spain and leaving Barack behind, of course. She’s rented out 30 rooms in the ritziest hotel and is taking one of their daughters. At taxpayer expense, of course. After the private mother-daughter trip, the Obamas will spend a weekend in Florida (vacation #9) before heading to Martha’s Vineyard for 10 days (vacation #10). It’s such a good thing Mr. Obama is so well rested.

And the US Citizen’s birthday present to Obama? A 48.6% disapproval rating.

On my honor…

We find it interesting that Barack Obama decided to go tape an appearance on The View rather than visit the Boy Scout Jamboree, like all three of his predecessors did. We understand. The Jamboree was all the way across the Potomac in Virginia, close to where Marine Corps One (the presidential helicopter) is based… so much further away than New York City. Oh wait, no it wasn’t. And it’s not like this Jamboree was historic or anything. Oh wait, it was the 100-year anniversary of the Boy Scouts. Well he can always catch next year’s. Oh wait… the Jamborees are only every four years. That’s okay… we don’t think he’d make a good Boy Scout anyway. There is that pesky Boy Scout Oath and all.

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