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by J. Gill | 2010-10-30 5:29 

“Obama’s a progressive.” “That policy is Marxist.” “That new law is socialist.” “What they’re doing sounds like communism.”

To anyone watching the political scene in the past few years, these statements will sound familiar. They’re all correct. And they’re all wrong at the same time.

Many people have heard Glenn Beck and other conservatives talk about Progressives and Progressivism. We have even delved into investigating Progressivism on a few occasions. As time went on, and we did more research, we discovered that there was more to it than just Progressivism… we began calling it “The Religion“, but what we didn’t know is that it already had a name: Communitarianism.

We discovered Communitarianism while doing some research on something else entirely: the Fabian Society. (More on them and their vast tentacles in future posts.) Communitarianism is the name given to proponents of the Fabian ideology of the Third Way.

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One Response to “Communitarianism & the Third Way: The key to understanding Obama, world events, and what’s coming next”

  1. Stop Common Purpose Says:

    In the UK, communitarianism is being implemented by a fake charity called ‘Common Purpose’.