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by rgbeals | 2012-01-18 20:31 

Dear Republican Party,

We’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship for decades now.

I want to tell you, before it’s too late, that our relationship is in danger.

You see, I always thought it was just “the times” and that really, this year there just wasn’t an actual conservative candidate available. Or perhaps it was that I really was that far away from the mainstream – after all, no one on radio or TV sounded even remotely like me… and my friends, well, we’re all isolated, right?

Well, it turns out that you’ve been lying to me quite the same as the Democrats have. We’ve known all along that they were lying, but I thought that there was just a bit of misunderstanding, that you meant well, but were simply being misled.

Now it can conclusively be demonstrated that you’ve been actively involved in the wholesale undermining of freedom. Earlier this year, when we, the American people – emphatically including those left-of-center – were adamant that there was to be no increase in the debt ceiling, that the overspending must stop – you, the Republican party, engaged in fierce battle to reduce the overspending. Yes, you fought hard, right up until the point where there was a decision to make and you crumpled like a wet paper towel.

Really, Republican Party, a 10% reduction of the overspending – taken entirely from the projected growth, not from current levels – have you no shame?

So here’s the deal: Shape up or I’m moving out.

I won’t be joining the Democrats, they’ve already damaged their franchise beyond repair. Murdering babies and defending murderers has a limited lifespan among the folks in the flyover states – they’re done.

However, if you believe you’re the only other game in town, you’re sadly mistaken. We’ll vote for any candidate you present so long as he’s not been dead for more than three weeks. This time. However, the new president and congress must stop overspending, reduce the intrusion into our lives, and generally begin following the Constitution – or we’ll abandon both of you. You won’t be able to maintain your power and the fine lifestyle it brings if you don’t get the votes. Trust me, you won’t get the votes unless you return to the same philosophy as Reagan.

I’m not going to tell you again.

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Comments (2)

2 Responses to “Dear Republican Party”

  1. rgbeals Says:

    I note some similarity to Mr. LaMorte’s article (
    This simply cannot continue.

  2. rgbeals Says:

    (The behavior of the party, that is. I LIKE Mr. LaMorte’s writing!)