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by M. LaMorte | 2012-12-22 8:40 

In the wake of the Newtown massacre, many people asked the question, “Where is God?” Certainly, they meant it as a rhetorical. But there is an answer, though the questioners might not like to hear it.

Indeed, where is God? We’ve taken Him out of the classrooms. We’ve taken Him out of the locker rooms. We’ve taken Him out of the city square. We’ve chiseled Him from our courthouses. We’ve pushed Him off the airwaves, out of movies, and out of songs. Anyone who professes their Christian or Jewish faith openly is derided, mocked, and ridiculed as a zealot, a “religious nut”, or a radical. (Though practitioners of other faiths are welcomed with the broad smiles and open arms of people claiming “tolerance.”) People refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance because it declares us “one nation under God”. People want “In God We Trust” taken off our currency. Crosses have been torn down from public lands under court order, and “Christmas” has been replaced with “Holiday”, “Winter”, and “Solstice”. 

So where is God, exactly? He is certainly not in out hearts and lives like He once was. Did He leave us, or did we leave Him first?

In the wake of unthinkable tragedies carried out by wicked people, it is easier to look for a scapegoat than to look in the mirror. As a result, guns have become the target of many, when in reality it is the creeping blackness upon our own hearts that is responsible.

The culture of death in this country is pervasive. One only look at how we treat the most vulnerable — the unborn in the womb and the infirm — to realize how true this is. People call for easy and legal abortions, abortions on demand, and “free” abortions paid for by every taxpayer through ObamaCare. Others have made it seem like life isn’t worth fighting for, and use manmade qualifiers such as “quality of life” to explain how turning off life support and pumping someone full of morphine to make them “comfortable as they pass” is the “humane thing to do”. No, it is the human thing to do, not the Divine thing. Life is sacred. Life is sacrosanct. Life is God’s gift. And look how we treat it. Look how we treat Him. 

As we remove God’s light from our lives and our nation, the only thing to replace it is the darkness of evil and wickedness. And as we permit that darkness to cloud our hearts, as we lose that light within our lives, so too do we lose our God-given rights and liberties. The only solution is to return God to His proper place in our lives, in our classrooms, and in our nation. Only then we will never again have to ask the question, “Where is God?”

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