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There are five boxes to use in the defense of Liberty: The Soap Box, the Mail Box, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and the Ammunition Box. Please use them in that order.
by FiveBoxes Staff | 2010-03-22 22:32 

My land is my father’s land. My grandfather’s land. My great grandfather’s land. My land has been protected for generations by a fence and signs that say “keep out”. That fence took thirteen years and the blood of many patriots to build. When the fence was built, it was thought that it would be enough to keep you out.

My land is fertile land. I work the soil and produce many fruits. I have a manicured lawn and flowering shrubs, a flower bed, and a statue of St. Francis that my mother gave me.

And uninvited, you came onto my property. At first you snuck over the fence at night, trampled my flowers, and kicked out chunks of sod from my lawn. Just to see if you could. I repaired the damage and hung a few more signs to tell you to “keep out” and “stay away.”

Then you got bold. Still uninvited and unwelcome, you smashed a big hole in my fence. You destroyed my flowers, tore up my lawn, broke my statue, and stole some of the fruits of my labor. The next morning I came out, shook my head, and began trying to repair what you had so quickly damaged. I planted more flowers. I seeded more grass. I glued the statue back together. I planted more plants and worked the soil.

I started to repair the fence, too, but it’s much more than a day’s work. And the next night, you smashed more of it down. Again, you destroyed my flowers. Again you broke my statue. Again you stole the fruits of my labor. This time, after eating more of garden, you left me a steaming pile of your excrement and a note that said I should be happy that you left me fertilizer. And again, I tried to repair the damage.

For years, you came by night to trample my flowers, to break my statue, to eat more fruits of my labor. And by day, I quietly tried my best to repair your damage.

But now, the fruits of my labor are not enough to satisfy your hunger. Now you raise your head and see my house. My home. My place of respite from the world. You are no longer content to stay in the garden. You are no longer afraid to come only at night, while I sleep.

So you approach my front door. Still uninvited. Still unwelcome. Still ignoring the signs that tell you to “keep out” and “stay away”. You edge closer and peer into my windows to try and see what I have inside that you can steal from me. Your hand reaches out and twists the doorknob. It’s locked. The only way in is if I let you in. Or if you break the door down…

Did you just hear that click?

It wasn’t me unlocking the door.

It was me taking the safety off my gun.

Will I pull the trigger?

Break down my door and you’ll quickly find out.

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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2009-11-21 10:40 

As we outlined in Part I, there are powers at work that are trying to bankrupt the United States. (And if you haven’t read that piece, we recommend that you do for background purposes.)

We believe that the economic roller coaster of the past few years has been an intentional effort on the part of various Progressives to use the free market system against itself. They know how the free market system works, they know that the free market system does, in fact, work, and they are using free market principles against the free market in an effort to bring it down.

The current stock market prices defy all logic. Unemployment is officially over 10%, and in some areas of America it’s double that. Consumer spending is down. Yet stocks are on the rise? There is no reason that stocks should be as high as they are, especially stocks of companies making consumer goods. If you ignore the statements by the White House and the mainstream media that “we have turned the corner” and “the economy is on the rebound”, look deeper. Look at the unemployment rates. Look at the ads on TV that are pitching products as ways to save money. Look at the stores that are going out of business and the remaining stores that are positioning themselves to try harder then ever to get your business. Look at the uptick in telemarketers selling “extended auto warranties” and the increasing number of ads encouraging you to keep your older car and change your own oil to save money. Look at the headlines saying that advertising sales are down… There’s no better indicator on the state of the economy than looking at the advertising market.

Look around you… pay attention. The economy is still heading south, and there’s no rebound any time soon. That is the reality.

Listen to the White House and the parrots in the media tell you the opposite.

What is going on here? (more…)

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by FiveBoxes Staff | 2009-11-17 10:35 

Now, we’ve been called conspiracy theorists for some time. Heck, we even have a column heading called “Paranoia Corner.” We do temper our conspiracies with a dash of common sense. For example, we don’t believe Oswald acted alone because logically it would have been impossible for him to do things like change the parade route. But we don’t, however, believe that 9/11 was “an inside job.” Common sense tells us otherwise.

So while we don’t believe that there’s some “secret conspiracy” — such as the Skull and Bones Society, the Bohemian Club, the Freemasons, or the Bilderberg Group — that is pulling the string to move us toward some “New World Order”, we do believe that there are a bunch of like-minded people who are looking to take advantage of opportunities to advance their agendas. That said, let us briefly explain how we believe politics work in America:

While every politician has an agenda, there are effectively only two types of politicians: tacticians and strategists.

Tacticians have a narrow-scoped agenda. And, since most politicians are horrible private sector employees, their agenda is to keep their cushy public sector job, with its high salary and a truckload of fringe benefits. So everything they do, every vote they make, is tied to “how do I keep my job? (more…)

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