Dazzle the Gym with these His and Hers Fitness Subscription Boxes

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Last updated on May 1, 2022

To the lifters, stretchers, gym buddies, and swole mates out there, we have the perfect fitness subscription box recommendations for you!

What we love most about the selection of fitness boxes out there is the sheer variety. You can find a subscription box that suits your fitness goals, whatever they may be. Whether you are losing weight, gaining muscle, or simply nurturing your mental health, there is a little something for everyone.

With gym life returning in full force and the home workout community growing in spades, FiveBoxes is here to help you find the best fitness box for your needs.

1. Fabletics


“Luxe activewear that doesn’t break the bank.” – Fabletics

The Price:

$49.95 per month

Box Specs:

With high-quality activewear for every body type, it seems Fabletics as a brand has conquered the social media world. In fact, you may already be a part of the #MyFabletics gang. Every gym bunny deserves a pair of Fabletics leggings that are known for enduring every intensive workout.

What you may not know is how convenient and awesome the Fabletics subscription service is. This isn’t exactly a subscription box the way we typically know it. The VIP Membership Program at Fabletics is more of a “choose your own adventure” style membership.

There are no constraints as to what you can order with your membership perks. You are not sent a pre-chosen selection of goodies, rather you can choose whatever you like and buy as much or as little as you want.

It is a flexible membership for $49.95 a month, which entitles you to 20-50% off all styles on the website. You can skip a month or cancel at any time.

If you want a flexible women’s fitness subscription, this could be the perfect choice for you.

2. FabFitFun

FabFitFun Fitness

“It’s time you gave yourself something nice.” – FabFitFun

The Price:

$179.99 for the annual plan
$49.99 quarterly plan

Box Specs:

The FabFitFun box is the mecca of women’s fitness subscription boxes. It is a delightfully fun experience with a special pick and mixes membership structure.

The box includes 8 full-size products delivered to your door free of charge every quarter. This gives you plenty of time to play with the beauty, fitness, and leisure products they send you.

It’s no surprise that we already mentioned them before in our article about the best make-up subscription boxes.

FabFitFun works with a wide range of brands to bring you high-quality products at a fraction of the retail price.

3. Cairn


“Remembering that what feeds your soul is just outside” – Cairn

The Price:

$34.99 per month

Box Specs:

Cairn is for the wild at heart who loves the outdoors. Their monthly or quarterly boxes include a mix of apparel, gear, skincare, and energy snacks for frequent hikers and campers. The boxes contain over $50 worth of full-sized products from premium brands.

The free shipping and excellent variety of products you receive make put it near the top of our list of best fitness boxes. If you have an outdoorsy partner in your life, this is the perfect fitness subscription box for him or her.

4. Ellie


“Motivation Delivered”. – Ellie

The Price:

$39.95 – $49.95

Box Specs:

If you’re looking for a fabulous gift for the gym-loving woman in your life, we have found the best fitness subscription box for her. The Ellie Box is flexible like the Fabletics box, but with a bit more structure.

The monthly subscription can include 2 products, 3 products, or 5 products depending on your needs. The 3-product monthly subscription box will likely be the most popular as it includes any top, sports bra, and leggings you choose from the site.

This is a box for women, made by women, that gives you flexibility and free shipping! Who can argue with that?

5. Factor 75

Factor 75

“Healthy Eating, Made Simple”. – Factor 75

The Price:

From $11-15 per meal, per week

Box Specs:

A core part of keeping up with our fitness goals is keeping up with healthy eating. Abs are made in the kitchen, as they say! Factor 75 creates weekly, dietician-designed, fresh meals that are perfect for your routine – a meal subscription service that will keep you in line with your calorie goals.

Every week you’ll have over 20 meals to choose from in the weekly menu that caters to a wide range of diets (including vegan, keto and low carb).

The plans are flexible, as you pay for a bundle of meals per week that you would like. You can start on as little as 4 meals per week, all the way up to 18 meals per week. With all subscriptions, you also get a 20-minute complimentary session with a qualified nutritionist to develop the best meal plan for you.

We love how Factor 75 takes the stress and worry out of healthy meal planning.

6. Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box

“Quality fishing products delivered to your door every month”. – Mystery Tackle Box

The Price:

From $19.99-39.99 per month

Box Specs:

Fishing is a soothing pastime that so many sports fanatics love. The Mystery Tackle Box makes the hobby even easier.

Discover new tackle easily with their flexible monthly box service.

There are three tiers (regular, pro, and elite) that include different products according to the fish species you catch the most.

7. Gainful

Gainful Fitness

“Protein powder that is personalized for your body, weight loss, and fitness goals.” – Gainful

The Price:

From $39.00 per month

Box Specs:

Gainful is such a clever protein subscription box. We tested out the intuitive quiz that creates a personalized protein blend recommendation for you, according to your physiology, activity level, and fitness goals.

Electrolyte mixes and pre-workout blends can be added too, to craft a complete protein supplement set. Your personalized protein will be delivered with free shipping every 4 weeks, so you never have to worry about running out of your supply.

This is a great option for those wanting to make consistent gains and be supported in their gym journey.

8. Wantable


“7 expertly styled items that inspire you to be you.” – Wantable

The Price:

$20 styling fee + cost of the items you keep

Box Specs:

Wantable fitness subscription boxes are like employing a personal gym stylist for a tiny fraction of the price. Simply complete the women’s active or men’s active quiz to help the personal stylists at Wantable select a wardrobe for you. You can then request specific items to try on or leave it up to the experts to decide for you.

The styling cost is $20, but this is refunded to you if you decide to keep and buy any of the clothes sent to you in your box.

You are only billed for what you keep, so you have the safety of trying before you buy. It’s an awesome system if you struggle to find styles that suit you.

9. JackedPack


“Be the first to try new supplements.” – JackedPack

The Price:

From $11.25 per month

Box Specs:

The JackedPack is all about supporting your nutrition as you work towards your fitness goals. This is a gym subscription box that brings you new supplements to boost your gains.

The regular box is $11.25 per month and includes 7-10 supplement samples. The Heavyweight box takes things up a gear with 17-20 samples to try. It comes with free shipping, and you can cancel at any time.

If you’re looking to try some new supplements without fully committing to a full bottle of pills you may hate, this is a great product for you.

10. Gainzbox


“The best fitness brands in one package.” – Gainzbox

The Price:

$32 per month

Box Specs:

Gainzbox is a great all-rounder. Packed with apparel, protein bars, supplement samples, and more, the Gainzbox subscription works well for both men and women (and those who are non-binary) looking for a curated box just for them.

Simply create your athlete profile and they will send you a monthly box that will work best for you. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t come with free shipping; US shipping costs $7.

However, it is one of the more reasonably priced boxes on the list, even with the shipping fee, so it’s still worth checking out!

11. YogaClub


“Get luxe studio looks without the high retail prices”. – YogaClub

The Price:

$79 per month

Box Specs:

The YogaClub monthly fitness box is a very simple one. Every month you will be sent a 3-piece yoga outfit, perfect for your active yoga lifestyle.

These items are worth over $180 but you will get them for just $79! These are premium athleisure outfits that fit well and support your daily movement. You can exchange items or cancel at any time.

The freestyle quiz helps the best match you with items you’ll love. This is a great gift idea for the yoga enthusiast in your life.

12. Barbella Box


“Powered by women, for women”. – Barbella Box

The Price:

$50 per month

Box Specs:

Barbella is a women’s fitness subscription box that centers around your fitness goals. With free US shipping and flexible membership plans, you will receive top apparel and gear that will help you thrive in the gym this year.

Past boxes have included tank tops, first aid boxes, fiber mugs, and even foot massagers. It is completely built around your wellness and fitness success.

13. Fit Snack

Fit Snack

“A monthly subscription box to get you healthy, fit and happy”. – Fit Snack

The Price:

$28.90 per month

Box Specs:

For lots of us, snacking is the hardest part of trying to stay healthy. It may be simple to whip up some rice and chicken for your main meal, but the beckoning call of vending machines can be tempting, encouraging you to indulge in chips, chocolates, and candy.

Discover Fit Snack. With this handy health and fitness subscription box, you can count on receiving snacks you won’t feel guilty bingeing on. Think GMO-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, and high protein selections to keep your hunger satisfied all day.

The monthly plan is super inexpensive, and this is one of the most international fitness boxes on the market. We highly recommend you try it out!

14. Dia & Co Active Box

Dia & Co

“Plus-size fashion designed to inspire”. – Dia & Co

The Price:

$20 styling fee + cost of the items you keep

Box Specs:

Dia & Co are on a mission to make plus-size women’s fashion easier. Now you don’t have to worry about shopping for clothes that don’t fit or don’t float your boat. Dia & Co subscription boxes are curated to deliver stylish apparel straight to your door.

The Dia & Co-Active is their fitness subscription box. It’s straightforward: just fill out their online quiz to allow the personal stylists to curate a box especially for you. The styling fee is just $20, which is refunded to you if you choose to keep and buy any of the items they send you. You are only billed for what you keep.

It’s a try-before-you-buy system that ensures you always feel 100% comfortable with your activewear purchases. If you struggle to find plus-size fitness apparel that is premium, comfortable and well-fitting, this could be the box for you!

15. Crate Club

Crate Club Fitness

“Tactical Survival Box built by Navy SEALs & Special Operations Forces Professionals”. – Crate Club

The Price:

From $49.99 per quarter

Box Specs:

For the survivalists and outdoorsy people of the world, do we have the subscription box for you!

The Crate Club is built for hardened survivalists who want a curated collection of self-defense, survival tools, and medical kits.

This is one of the best subscription boxes for men, completely geared towards hardcore, outdoor survival tactics.

There are different tiers available depending on how active you are in the survivalist hobby and the number/price of the products you want to use. Overall, it is a flexible tack box with plenty of uses – thumbs up from us.

16. MealPro


“Customizable nutrition. No cooking required.” – MealPro

The Price:

$10-20 per meal

Box Specs:

So you want to stay healthy but you struggle to cook. Maybe you don’t know what to cook or cooking just doesn’t spark joy. We hear you!

MealPro is here to remove the overwhelm. Choose your a-la-carte menu and they’ll cook your food fresh every day. No prep or cooking is required at all.

This is not a monthly box, but rather you pay for the meals you order. Flexible and easy – ideal features for a meal plan subscription.

17. Musclebox & Miss Musclebox


“Get fit. Stay Motivated. Transform your body”. – Musclebox

The Price:

$22.99 + shipping

Box Specs:

Musclebox and Miss Musclebox are probably the most cost-effective subscription boxes on the list. They combine a huge mix of amazing items for gym-lovers nationwide.

From clothing to workout plans, equipment to healthy snacks, the box is jammed packed with goodies for the low price of $22.99 per month plus shipping.

You can see how these two are some of the most popular fitness monthly subscription boxes on the market!

18. Muscle Crate

Muscle Crate

“Reach your fitness goals faster!” – Muscle Crate

The Price:

$28.49 per month

Box Specs:

The Muscle Crate is all about pumping you up – literally! The box contains two premium items each month and a selection of supplement samples to boost your gains in the gym.

This is another super well-priced fitness monthly box at just $28.49 a month. You’ll notice that with the lower-cost boxes, you don’t have the same level of customization and flexibility.

Still, The Muscle Crate is a fantastic option for those wanting to up their game in the gym on a budget.

19. The Fit Boxx

The Fit Boxx

“The ultimate boost for your high-intensity workout”. – The Fit Boxx

The Price:

$54 per month

Box Specs:

The Fit Boxx was designed as a workout monthly box that works for all fitness levels. Where you are a beginner lifter or a Crossfit pro, you’ll find plenty of use for the contents of this box.

The Fit Boxx provides you with a blend of nutritional goodies, clothing, and gear to support you in your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

With free shipping and incredibly flexible membership plans, it’s a great gift for someone else or a gift from you to you!

20. Wild Woman Box

Wild Woman

“Fuel your wild side”. – Wild Woman Box

The Price:

$37.95 per month

Box Specs:

If the concept of the Cairn box appeals to you but it is a little masculine, the Wild Woman Box is the perfect antidote. It feeds the same outdoor, wild side of your personality but with a more feminine and inspirational message.

Each box has different themes to inspire your nature-loving lifestyle. What’s consistent is the vast array of products, from first aid to hiking gear.

This box nurtures the wild woman in you. If that sounds up your alley, you’ll love this box!

21. Spartan Carton

Spartan Carton

“Never quit! Never surrender!” – Spartan Carton

The Price:

From $25 per month

Box Specs:

This box is for the hardcore lifters. The ones who live and breathe the gym. The ones who constantly reach for that PR weight.

The Spartan Carton is the men’s fitness subscription box that was made to support serious lifters like you. They have two different boxes to choose from: the Citizen box and the Warrior box.

Both come with recipe ideas, gear, consumables, and suggested workouts, only the Warrior box comes with higher-end outdoor gear too.

22. BuddhiBox (Yoga Box)

Buddhi Box

“Reconnect. Discover. Relax.” – BuddhiBox

The Price:

$39.95 per month

Box Specs:

BuddhiBox is the subscription box for yoga lovers. Every month you are sent a soothing selection of yoga goodies to honor your inner goddess/god and prioritize your self-care. It is a wonderful way to support your daily practice.

Boxes can include jewelry, scented candles, incense, and crystals. The contents of each box is valued at $80+ but you get the membership for just $39.95 along with free shipping.

23. Fit Lifestyle Box

Fit Lifestyle Box

“Built by vets. Built for everyone”. – Fit Lifestyle Box

The Price:

$24 per month

Box Specs:

The Fit Lifestyle Box is built for everyone, as the tagline says. Though this is a veteran-owned brand, the core philosophy is all about sculpting the body you want and becoming stronger every day.

Whether you aim to lose weight or just support a more active lifestyle, this box can help.

Each monthly box contains a 30-day workout challenge, supplement samples, one full-size product, and several healthy snacks. They have flexible 3 or 6-month plans too at a discounted rate.

This is the ideal all-rounder fitness box for any gender, age, and fitness goal.

24. HPE Activewear Subscription

HPE Activewear

“We use the best fabrics to help you perform”. – HPE Activewear Subscription

The Price:

£36.66 ($51.90) per month for 12 months with 1-month free trial + £110 ($155.74) sign-up fee

Box Specs:

HPE (Human Performance Engineering) activewear was created for athletes who want the most from their apparel. Sweat-resistant, breathable clothing to make your workouts a breeze.

Each female box contains a sports bra, leggings, and one top. Each male box contains one top and one pair of leggings or fitness tights.

Note: this is a British brand and shipping costs to the US are £14.95 ($21.16).

25. Clean.Fit Box


“Snack Clean. Stay Fit.” – Clean.Fit

The Price:

$34.95 per month

Box Specs:

The Clean.Fit box is all about healthy snacking. The snacks they send you every month are all G.M.O-free, organic, and natural.

They have two boxes available. The regular option contains 9+ premium snacks for $34.95 per month. The #Supersnacker box doubles the quantities for those of you with bottomless bellies. The bigger size costs $59.95 per month.

Both boxes are available with quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly plans too if you want to save. And good news! Shipping is free in the US.

26. Mental Wealth Box

Mental Wealth Box

“A Monthly Delivery of Mental Health & Self-Care Products for Anxiety and Depression”. – Mental Wealth Box

The Price:

$44.95 per month

Box Specs:

Finally, we have the Mental Wealth Box which redefines what we consider the best fitness subscription boxes to be. When thinking about our health and fitness more holistically, the Mental Wealth Box is the perfect addition.

These boxes are curated to help those with depression and anxiety instill self-care habits throughout the month. Each box contains tools and resources to help you explore your mental health. This could include journal prompts, workbooks, face masks, self-care challenges and so much more.

You can sign up for a rolling monthly subscription or get huge savings when you choose a 3 or 6-month plan instead. Health includes your mental state, so pairing the Mental Wealth Box with one of the gym subscription box options we’ve listed will aid your entire well-being.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many fitness subscription boxes on the market today. Every aspect of your healthy lifestyle is covered. You can snack well with Clean.Fit, lift heavy with Musclebox, eat well with Meal Pro, and indulge deeply in self-care with Buddhibox.

If you’re after an all-rounder, we highly recommend the Gainzbox to cover all bases.

No matter which from the list you choose, your fitness goals will be supported with these amazing monthly boxes.

Find more boxes on the FiveBoxes website, including a list of the best sports subscription boxes, which includes boxes targeted for soccer, basketball, and football fans.

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