Pamper Yourself with one of these Self-Care Subscription Boxes in 2022

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There’s nothing better than the gift of self-care. Whether it’s for yourself or for a loved one, a little me time is always a good idea.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favorite self-care, pamper, and feel-good subscription boxes for the year ahead.

From lifestyle collections to spiritual deliveries and everything in-between, these subscriptions are guaranteed to help you feel like your best and most relaxed self.  So sit back, unwind and enjoy our picks for the best self-care subscription boxes.

1. FaithBox


“A monthly subscription to strengthen your faith and help you grow closer to God.” – FaithBox 

The Price: 

$18.29/month – Faithpak 
$32.04/month – Faithbox 

Box Specs: 

For all the women (and men) of faith, we present to you Faithbox. This box promotes Christian values, assisting people in strengthening their relationship with God.  

Each month, Faithbox brings a different theme, to help you through distinct parts of your faith journey. 

In the monthly packages, you can count on ‘Everyday Faith’, a daily devotional to guide you through each day of the month. 

Besides, you can also find jewelry, accessories, art, books, ornaments for your home, and much more. 

Faithbox takes real pride in creating ethical and eco-friendly products, thus making sure to add a detailed description of every item. 

2. Muse Illuminate

Muse Illuminate

“Curated for self-starters looking to learn, become
and grow into their higher evolution.” – Muse Illuminate

The Price:


Box Specs:

Looking for the best self care box? Then you need to check out Muse Illuminate, the first kit curated to help people get inspired and inspire others.

Muse Illuminate includes self-help, personal development and productivity books. They also add in affirmation and goal-setting cards as well as curated gratitude journals and other activities to stimulate your inner muse.

Plus, each box also has a couple of bookish items, like pens and pencils, that assist you into this self-search journey of yours. Muse Illuminate has everything you need to get into the right path of enlightenment.

3. Serenity Now

Serenity Now

“A Seasonal Subscription Box and Online Community to Help Anxiety Sufferers.” – Serenity Now

The Price:


Box Specs:

If you suffer from anxiety, Serenity Now is the ideal subscription box for you. All their products are hand-picked to help fight anxiety and to relieve stress.

Their goal is to assist in overcoming daily stress, by empowering people and promoting relaxation techniques.

So what’s inside each of Serenity Now’s seasonal boxes? Personal empowerment and nutritional wellness items, as well as mood-boosting activities and soothing products.

So you can get self-help books, calming infusions and teas, coloring books, candles, and more! All these products are specially curated to aid in motivating and comforting you.

4 . Her-Mine

Her Mine

“Boxes designed to remind you to relax, and practice self-care.” – Her-Mine

The Price:


Box Specs:

This is a self-care subscription box specifically targeted to women’s needs. The monthly package contains aromatherapy, beauty and wellness products from women-owned businesses.

All products inside are either full size or deluxe. They vary from candles to essential oils, diffusers, tea, skincare, snacks, and much more.

Every month you will discover new brands, and new products recently launched. Each box includes 5 to 8 items.

Their cancellation policy is also very easy to activate in case you are not satisfied with your products. No commitments, completely stress-free!

5. Next Big Idea Club

Next Big Idea Club

“The world’s most brilliant authors, hand-picking the ideas that will change your life.” – Next Big Idea Club

The Price:


Box Specs:

The Next Big Idea Club is the best subscription box for anyone who likes books and great ideas. Every month you receive two hardcover titles delivered to your door, from brilliant authors and entrepreneurs to inspire you.

If you want to save money and you own a Kindle, you can get a cheaper subscription that grants you access to two e-books. All books are non-fiction and focused on enlightenment and positivity.

Besides, The Next Big Idea has an exclusive app and once you are subscribed you have full access to all their insights, podcasts, and video interviews.

6. Earthlove


“The best subscription box for conscious eco-living.” – Earthlove

The Price:


Box Specs:

Earthlove is a seasonal subscription service filled with a handful of eco-conscious and wellness goods to help you live a more centered life. It includes 6 to 8 items per box.

With this positive subscription box, all of the items inside are 100% zero waste, all-natural, organic, non-GMO, vegan, and fair trade. The best part?

You can feel good about subscribing because Earthlove chooses a new organization to support each season in hopes of restoring and helping to take care of our planet’s ecosystems.

7. Therabox


“A therapist curated box of happiness filled with joyful ingredients delivered straight to your door!” – Therabox

The Price:


Box Specs:

Sometimes our self-care means a little self-reflection. That’s why TheraBox is curated by licensed therapists and works to inspire happier thoughts and lives with every delivery.

Boxes feature everything from aromatherapy items to clean skincare, lifestyle items, and more.

In addition to these wellness items, you’ll also receive activities that TheraBox says are backed by neuroscience and psychology.

In fact, each box is valued at well over $120, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth with this subscription. Includes 6 to 8 items per box.

8. Bath Bevy

Bath Bevy

“Carefully Curated Bath And Body Goodness, Delivered.” – Bath Bevy

The Price:


Box Specs:

When talking about self-care, we know it includes a nice and relaxing bath. So what’s better than a bath-centered subscription box?

Bath Bevy is a subscription service featuring carefully curated handmade bath and body products from all sorts of different brands—things like sugar scrubs, candles, soaps, and more (not all of the items even require a tub).

This is a well-valued relaxation subscription box, bringing the spa right to your door each month.

9. Feeling Fab

Feeling Fab

“Spreading wellness and self-love through clean, balancing self-care products and spiritual tools.” – Feeling Fab

The Price:


Box Specs:

Feeling Fab is a subscription service that aims to do exactly what its namesake claims—make you feel fab!

Each month, you’ll receive a curated delivery of all-natural beauty, skincare, body care, crystals, candles and more.

You’ll also get a self-care guide or some sort of stress-reducing activity each month. When you subscribe, you’ll have access to a weekly self-care tracker and other spiritual and relaxation tools to feel your absolute best.

The box includes 4-5 beauty items and 1-2 spiritual growth or stress-reducing tools.

10. The Sill

The Sill

“Grow your indoor jungle with our new bundles.” – The Sill

The Price:


Box Specs:

This wellness subscription box knows that plants make people happy. Starting at $42 per month, this indoor plant box includes shipping and will deliver a new plant ready to be cared for. You will receive one plant per month.

We personally love the Beginner Bundle, which is a great jumpstart whether you’re new to the whole plant world or already consider yourself an expert plant-parent.

The bundle includes potting mix, lava rocks, a watering can, and a snake plant (a great starter plant!). It even includes the pot to get you started!

11. Facetory


“Creating products that are approachable, affordable and functional.” – Facetory

The Price:


Box Specs:

You may remember Facetory from our Best Make-Up and Beauty Subscription Boxes list.

Facetory calls itself the “sheet mask destination,” which is why subscribers can expect quality, sometimes hard-to-find Korean sheet masks in each delivery right to their door. 

All of the included masks are meant to be suitable for all skin types, so you don’t have to worry about receiving something you can’t use. 

In addition, everything in each box has been hand-curated and tested by the Facetory team.

Each box contains 5-7 sheet masks, depending on subscription options.

12. Hygge Box

Hygge Box

“Embrace life’s simple pleasures and bring the Danish lifestyle of cozy happiness into your home.” – Hygge Box

The Price:


Box Specs:

Hygge is a Danish word that translates to a quality of coziness and comfort that brings a feeling of contentment. So, the Hygge Box is all about that cozy sensation.

This is a great pamper subscription box, bringing all sorts of handpicked and comfortable goods and items right to your door.

There are two options: the standard or the deluxe box. The deluxe box in particular is stuffed with coziness, including products meant to support your self-care routines and an overall comfy lifestyle.

There are 4-5 items in the standard box, 5-7 in the deluxe box.

13. Saloon Box

Saloon Box

“Get curated cocktail kits delivered to your door.” – Saloon Box

The Price:


Box Specs:

Love a good cocktail? Look no further than Saloon Box. With this subscription service, you’ll get everything you need to make two recipes, each serving two drinks.

Everything inside is convenient and portable (perfect for a plane trip once it’s safe to travel again, maybe?).

SaloonBox’s online store is also a great spot to check out, offering a la carte items.

Every subscription box contains at least four cocktails per kit.

14. Hope Box

Hope Box

“The gift of hope. Uplifting handmade treasures and a personalized letter to encourage, comfort, or celebrate.” – Hope Box

The Price:

From $48/month

Box Specs:

Hope Box is great for yourself but also an amazing gift idea. Each box expresses and shares gratitude, love, and any other positive messages you would like to send with feel-good items such as candles, aromatherapy, soaks, scrubs, and more.

Boxes range from $48-$89 and include up to 15 items, depending on your subscription choice. You can also add a letter if you’re sending it as a gift to make it a little more personal.

The most affordable box contains 6 items, while the most expensive one (Hope Chest) has 15+.

15. Chakra Box

Chakra Box

“Designed to assist in Chakra balancing, working to enhance one in body, mind, and spirit.” – Chakra Box

The Price:


Box Specs:

When you subscribe to Chakra Box, you’ll receive a monthly delivery of vegan and cruelty-free spiritually-inspired items and tools to help you enhance your wellbeing in mind, body, and spirit.

All of the items are handpicked to correlate and work alongside each Chakra to help you feel your absolute best.

Every Chakra Box includes 9-12 items, including organic synergy aromatherapy items curated for each Chakra by Awaken Essential Oils.

16. Love Goodly

Love Goodly

“Switch to Nontoxic & Cruelty Free.” – Love Goodly

The Price:


Box Specs:

Love Goodly is another subscription box that we already mentioned in the Make-Up Boxes article. Looking to spread the love? Love Goodly wants to help!

When you subscribe to this happiness subscription box, you’ll get several non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan skincare or beauty items.

Occasionally you’ll also find a unique accessory, wellness product, or snack. These boxes are shipped every two months.

The Essential Box contains 4-5 items, while the VIP Box has 5-6 products with an added cost of $10.

17. Introverts Retreat

Introverts Retreat

“You’d rather avoid other people and spend the day alone? We totally get it – that’s why we created Introverts Retreat.” – Introverts Retreat

The Price:

From $18.99+/month

Box Specs:

A monthly dose of peace and quiet—that’s the idea behind a subscription to Introverts Retreat. There are three subscription options: Read, Read & Relax, and Read, Relax & Recharge.

Items include everything from candles to books, unique coffees, and teas, bath items, or delicious comforting treats. Each box includes 4-6 items.

And the best part? If you’re really an introvert like the box targets, you’ll love that you don’t have to leave the house, answer phone calls, or anything in-between.

Just sit back, relax and wait for the delivery!

18. The Calm Box

The Calm Box

“Monthly box of peaceful moments.” – The Calm Box

The Price:


Box Specs:

This monthly subscription box works to inspire positivity, peace, and an overall sense of calm in your everyday life.

The Calm Box ships products such as books, tea, candles, natural minors, herbs, and other items meant to help de-stress you. Each box has 5 to 8 items.

With a new theme in each delivery, this self-care subscription box is guaranteed to bring a sense of harmony into your life.

19. Loti Wellness

Loti Wellness

“Therapeutic activities and natural wellness products to nurture your mental and emotional health.” – Loti Wellness

The Price:


Box Specs:

Loti Wellness Box uses research to provide therapeutic activities meant to leave to feeling your absolute best.

Each monthly shipment includes natural wellness and self-care products, delivering the tools and guidance to ease anxiety and stress.

Some of the goals this self-care subscription aims to fill: improving sleep, setting and meeting personal goals, and encouraging self-love.

Every box is curated by practicing therapists and includes items such as beauty items, snacks, and jewelry you’ll feel great about.

20. FabFitFun

Delivering happiness and well being to everyone, everywhere.” — FabFitFun

The Price:


Box Specs:

Featuring $200+ worth of products, ranging from beauty and wellness to fitness and home, in each $50 box, FabFitFun is one of the best monthly gifts for her.

Delivered four times a year, FabFitFun offers full-size cosmetic and beauty products, accessories, and a number of other lifestyle necessities, all perfect subscription gifts for her. Each season, new items can be selected, with 8-9 items per box.

Free shipping is even included. All of these bonuses combined make it obvious as to why they have been mentioned on CBSForbes, and on our list for the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes.

Final Thoughts

We can’t stress enough the importance of self-care and self-prioritization. That’s why all of these subscription services make it easy—subscribe and just wait for your monthly delivery. Relaxing has never been easier!

Our choices for these boxes were made based on the variety of boxes, diversity of items included in each monthly box, available options, customization, pricing, customer service, and flexibility of each subscription service.

For example, subscription services that allow for adjustments or cancellations–because we know your life and the stresses in it are always changing too!

If you try any of these subscriptions, let us know what your experiences are—good, bad or anything in-between!

In addition, let us know if we missed one of your favorite self-care-centered subscriptions. We are always looking for unique boxes or subscriptions—the more the merrier!

And while you are here, check out our other top subscription services lists and review. No matter what you’re looking for, we have it all! For example, check out other subscription lists, like the 22 Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes: Earrings, Bracelets & Accessories.

Don’t forget: from clothes, jewelry, food, and beyond, we are doing our research and bring you what matters. We do the heavy lifting so you can subscribe and enjoy each month!

Whether you are looking for a monthly surprise for yourself or a creative and clever gift to a loved one, FiveBoxes is always here to help you discover your options and make the best choice!

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