Top 18 Subscription Boxes of 2022 for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

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Whether you are expecting or have already welcomed a new addition to the family, we know newborns and even toddlers need a lot of stuff.

And chances are, you do not have a ton of time, opportunities, or desire to run out to the store these days.

That is why a subscription box may be a great fit for your family — after all, who doesn’t love a monthly delivery of goodies to your door? 

We have researched some of the best on the market–from toys to clothes to diapers to food.  A lot of these also include options for when your babies get a bit older and well into their toddler years, which we love!

Take a look at Five Boxes picks for the best subscription boxes for babies, toddlers, preschools, and parents!

1. Bluum

Bluum Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

‘A monthly box of new goodies for mom & munchkin’ – Bluum

The cost:


Box specs:

If you have done any research into the world of baby and toddler subscription boxes, you have likely heard of Bluum. This is one of the most popular subscription services on the market.

It is on our list because it includes a great collection of full-sized baby products, based on picks from parents and experts in the baby industry.

Each monthly subscription box comes with a handful of items, ranging from toys and clothes to safe baby care products. What is unique about Bluum is the monthly sneak-peek delivered by email before you receive your box.

This way, you can see exactly what you’re getting ahead of time and, if you decide to, choose another box before it ships.

2. Little Spoon

Little Spoon Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

‘The easiest way to keep your kid healthy’ – Little Spoon

The cost:


Box specs:

One of the biggest challenges for newborn parents? Finding and preparing healthy, balanced meals for your little ones. This is where Little Spoon’s subscription services comes in.

The company aims to solve this issue by delivering healthy, organic baby food right to your doorstep. Made with over eighty ingredients, Little Spoon’s baby food is meant to give children a taste of all sorts of unique flavors from spinach and rosemary to broccoli and chickpea.

The best part? Little Spoon makes all of their recipes right in their own kitchen facility. One its website, it also emphasizes the importance of seasonal ingredients.

This baby food subscription service works to provide children with a well-rounded diet. Subscribers can also customize deliveries based on their child’s preferences, allergies, and age.

3. Little Fun Club

Little Fun Club Subscription Box For Preschoolers

“Shipping imagination one box at a time” – Little Fun Club

The cost:


Box specs:

Who does not want their child to love reading? In fact, if you haven’t already, you should read our list of the Best Monthly Book Clubs & Subscriptions for Kids.

That’s why we love Little Fun Club, a monthly book subscription service for your little ones.

Books included in each monthly delivery range from classic kids’ books, award-winning literature, and educational books aimed at all different ages. Ideally, Little Fun Club wants to create a foundation that will keep kids reading well into their later development years.

Subscriptions are divided into those for 1-2 years old, 3-4 years old, 4-5 years old, and even more. You can choose based on age and developmental level, meaning you are also going to get age-appropriate books and books your children will absolutely love!

4. Panda Crate

Panda Crate Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“Build a foundation for learning” – Panda Crate

The price:


Box specs:

If you have never heard us talk about KiwiCo subscriptions services before, you’re missing out! We love these. Each subscription, ranging from all sorts of ages and interests, provide a fun and educational opportunity in every delivery! Panda Crate is no exception.

This baby activity subscription box is geared towards newborns up to 24 months. When you sign up, you simply indicate your child’s age and each box will be curated based on age.

Subscriptions are available for birth-2 months, 3-6 months, 7-12 months, 13-18 months and 19-24 months. Each box, delivered bi-monthly includes five or six educations toys and books meant to help your child develop.

Panda Crate’s mission is to create a broad and solid foundation of knowledge for your child.

5. Green Pinata Toys

Green Pinata Toys Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“Play. Learn. Repeat” – Green Pinata

The cost:


Box specs:

Of course we had to include a toy subscription, because what child doesn’t love a new toy? With Green Pinata, each monthly delivery includes up to four high-quality, non-toxic and electric-free toys—all educational for your little one!

With a Green Pinata subscription, you can either choose from their catalog or let them curate a monthly box for you of toys you can rent. The best part? Keep each toy for as long as your child wants, then return it hassle-free with their free shipping label.

Each toy arrives in great condition and allows you to reduce the amount of toy clutter in your home. Plus with an endless amount of options for your child to try out, he or she will never be bored!

6. Honest

Honest Diapers Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“Leave the diaper runs to us” – The Honest Subscription

The cost:


Box specs:

An absolute necessity when it comes to a newborn? Diapers and baby wipes! What is not to love with a baby diaper subscription box? This takes the work out of trying to remember and restock your diaper and wipe supply each month.

The Honest Company’s Diaper & Wipes Bundle will send you seven packs of self-proclaimed super absorbent diapers, with a wide variety of patterns to choose from. You will also receive four packs of soft, plant-based wipes.

Founded on the idea of safe and organic products, The Honest Company makes sure you are getting items all created without latex, fragrances, lotions, chlorine, or any other questionable ingredients.

If you are looking for comfort for your little one, this is the subscription for you, complete with safe, soft, and easy diapers!

On a side note, the Honest Company has all sorts of other safe and clean baby, household, and beauty products, such as cleaning and laundry items and products perfect for mama to self-pamper!

7. Bitsy Boxes

Bitsy Box Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“Fun products handpicked by our moms” – Bitsy Box

The cost:


Box specs:

When we put together a list of our favorite pregnancy subscription boxes, we had to include Bump Box. So it’s no wonder we included Bitsy Box—from the creators of Bump Box!

It is a monthly baby subscription box, tailored to your baby’s age and designed to make your newborn’s first year as fun and explorative as possible.

Bitsy Box allows for customization too, based on what sort of subscription you would like to receive. Subscriptions are available month to month or for three, six nine or twelve-month subscriptions.

Despite your subscription specifics, each box includes five to eight full-size baby products, including things like toys, bath and pamper products, pacifiers and more.

Another perk with each subscription is that dependent on which subscription duration you choose, you’ll also receive automatic discounts in Bitsy Box’s online store.

8. Why and Whale

Why And Whale Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“Cool. Modern. Fun. Monthly” – Why and Whale

The cost:


Box specs:

A Why and Whale box subscription is a trendy gift for any new mother! This glamour baby subscription contains all sorts of modern and hip items for a newborn, such as clothes, toys and other baby must-haves. In each delivery, expect three to six high-quality items, based on your child’s age.

Why and Whale picks items exclusively from original and ethical brands and companies, so you know you are getting some high-quality, safe and cool items to keep your baby engaged. At $59.99/month, this is one of the pricier options when it comes to a baby subscription service.

That being said, there are other more-affordable options. The Holztiger Surprise box comes in at just $21 per month and is strictly toys. It sends a couple Holztiger wooden animal toys to your doorstep each month.

In addition, the Maileg Surprise subscription comes in at $27 each month and offers 1-2 Maileg toys in each box (this also includes a great 15% discount on everything in the Why and Whale store).

9. Moms + Babes Box

Moms + Babes Box Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“Moms + Babes is like the ultimate mommy fist-bump” – Mom + Babes Box

The cost:


Box specs:

Moms + Babes is a baby subscription services geared towards not just your baby, but also for mom! This is a quarterly subscription service, meant to help both parties pamper. It comes with six or more full-size premium products for mom (or any parent, really) to feel special.

We know a lot of subscription services do not offer full size products (this, instead of travel or sample sizes), let alone five or six of them, so while the price may be a little higher than other subscription services, you’re definitely getting some high-quality items with each seasonal delivery.

This service also includes a couple of goodies for babies, like a pacifier clip or toys, which means it’s the best of both worlds for new mamas!

We also love the story behind this box: it was developed by two moms who felt there was a void in the market for a box new mothers could enjoy alongside their little ones.

10. Hoppi Box

Hoppi Box Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“Delivering happy play” – Hoppi Box

The cost:


Box specs:

Hoppi Box is the perfect subscription service for your baby’s playtime. Each quarter, a delivery arrives filled with 305 full-size toys handpicked by child development experts. Hoppi Box wants to help personalize each box to make your child’s young-age development memorable.

Inspiring imagination, this subscription service is also eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition, it gauges each subscription-based on three main developmental categories: physical development, social development, and cognitive & language development.

When you sign up, you simply gauge where your child is at along with their age and preferences, select your preferred subscription (either quarterly or annual) and Hoppi Box will do the rest!

11. The Preschool Box

The Preschool Box Subscription For Preschoolers

“Fun learning for young minds” – The Preschool Box

The cost:


Box specs:

The Preschool Box is—you guessed it—a preschool subscription service. As the company says, the preschool age is an important one in your child’s overall development. That is why this subscription service is meant to cultivate an early love for learning!

This Box delivers a fun, hand-picked box filled with educational activities that teach your children lessons in phonics, counting, writing, and more. Children can open each delivery and look forward to stickers and coloring activities, books to read, crafts to do, and games to play.

In addition, each monthly delivery comes with a Parent Guide so parents can help their child get the most out of every box and start their monthly learning adventure!

12. Surprisly

Surprisly Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“Chosen with love, because babies deserve the best” – Surprisly

The cost:


Box specs:

Shopping for clothes for your new little one can be challenging. We know they’re always growing, meaning a lot of clothing goes wasted and unworn. That’s what makes Surprisly such a great subscription service. Surprisly delivers high-quality, eco-friendly clothes in each monthly delivery.

Each piece is made from all-natural fabrics and the items inside can easily be recycled. In addition, each monthly box is hand-picked with looks for all times of the day—playtime, a day out, and naptime.

The company works with elite designers to make sure your baby is sporting not only eco-conscious designs but also trendy ones!

You simply choose your subscription (month to month, three-month or annual commitment), select your baby’s age, clothing size, and clothing type (we love that Surprisly gives you the option to select boy, girl, or neutral options) and let their experts do the rest.

13. Monti Kids

Monti Kids Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“Proven by over 100 years of use in classrooms worldwide” – Monti Kids

The cost:

$297/every three months

Box specs:

If you are familiar with Monti Kids, their brand works to create toys for your baby’s learning and development. That being said, the company offers subscription services for both babies and toddlers.

Each subscription includes educational toys, based on the Montessori method of teaching and learning—this means the toys are very hands-on to help with development.

Another perk with this subscription includes the fact that parents will receive access to a Parents Learning Guide, which offers tips and ideas to help make the most of every monthly box.

In addition, boxes are curated based on age and are offered for newborns up to three years old.

14. Yumi

Yumi Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“Messy baby. Happy parent” – Yumi

The cost:


Box specs:

Yumi is a baby food subscription box with formulas made with all organic ingredients and zero sugar, so you can be sure your baby is eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Each delivery is chef-created and includes single-ingredient purees and multi-ingredient blends, dependent on your baby’s needs and likes. Geared towards children from five months to five years, options for older children include additional items like puffs, seeds, grains, and other finger foods.

We love the options included for every subscriber, making it one of our favorite food subscribers for your little ones!

15. Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“A subscription for the modern, mindful mama” – Ecocentric Mom

The cost: $32.99/month

Box specs:

If you checked out our list of the Best Pregnancy Subscription boxes, then you’re already familiar with Ecocentric Mom. This is another great subscription service for either new mom’s or soon-to-be-mothers looking for healthy, all-natural, and organic products.

Depending on your stage of motherhood, Ecocentric Mom curates each monthly box with 2-3 accessories or products for mom, with another 2-3 for the baby.

We love that you are getting a great mix of both practical and pampering items for the whole family. These boxes can also include items for children through age two, meaning it’s versatile enough for toddlers too!

16. Little Poppy Co.

Little Poppy Co. Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“Bows for every season, outfit, holiday and more,” – Little Poppy Co.

The price:


Box specs:

This is the box for your little fashionista! Each month, Little Poppy Co. will ship you three bows to go along with your child’s outfit. You can choose from newborn, all the way up to over three years old.

You can also decide if you would like small or oversized clips, headbands, or delivery of accessories. This will keep your child’s wardrobe everchanging and always stylish! You can cancel anytime and once you are a subscriber, you’ll also gain access to all sorts of other style deals on their website.

17. My First Reading Club

My First Reading Club Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

In their words: “Guided by a passion for reading” – My First Reading Club

The price:


Box specs:

This another great subscription service for parents who want to encourage their toddlers to read. Subscriptionsare offered to five distinct age groups, ranging to collections for newborns to preteens.

That is because My First Reading Club believes reading links education at all age levels. Each monthly box includes 3-4 age appropriate books, as well as an additional activity to keep reading fun. Bonus? Deliveries also include a gift for parents and cater to birthdays and special events!

Overall, this is a great under $20 option and your child will love adding to their library collection each month!

18. Noobie Box

Noobie Box Subscription Box For Babies And Toddlers

“No subscription – no strings attached!” – Noobie Box

The cost: Just pay shipping (no, really!)

Box specs:

Here’s another favorite of from our pregnancy subscription boxes. And yes, you read it right—this box is completely free. With eight to ten sample items in each Noobie Box, this maternity subscriptionincludes must-have items such as pacifiers, diapers, lotions, baby wipes and more.

If you like these items, you can sign up for other boxes such as the Parents or Nursing Boxes. The $8.95 you spend on initial shipping costs will also be applied to a future credit if you decide to purchase any of the other one-time boxes.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for toys, clothes, food, accessories, diapers, or anything in between for you and your little ones, there is bound to be a great subscription box that can fit all of your needs! And don’t forget that nearly all of these boxes are also perfect as a gift.

All of our favorite picks compiled in this list were chosen based on price, product quality, versatility and service. We also looked for originality both in the pieces chosen and in the subscription services.  

Please share your thoughts and experiences with any of these products! While you are here, check out our extensive collection of other top subscription lists. And don’t forget – Five Boxes is always here to help you choose the best subscription box services for your needs!

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