31 Best Underwear Subscription Boxes for Men and Women

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Finding the right pair of undies can be difficult – you’ve got to consider the shape, size, and fabric. That problem compounds further when shopping for women’s underwear involving multiple pieces, but some men’s underwear can also be a problem for discerning buyers.

With this in mind, finding a good underwear subscription box can solve lots of these problems.

The best kind of monthly subscription allows you to customize style, shape, and fabric to your taste. Below, we will dig into 31 of the best subscription boxes to get you a fabulous pair of underwear.  

With 31 boxes to choose from, this is FiveBoxes’ complete list of underwear subscription boxes available. Check the summary of each one below.

Unisex Underwear Subscription Boxes

1. MeUndies – A Unique Underwear Experience


“We exist to help you feel good.” – MeUndies

The Price:


Box Specs:

MeUndies is probably the largest provider of underwear in the subscription box game. It offers a vast collection of underwear that appeal to both men and women, offering a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

They are also one of the few mainstream providers who offer plus-sized options. Choose from style preferences that range from unique designs to solid colors. However, the cost of their service is a little high for people who want basic underpants. 

This brand is known for its unique designs appealing to a range of preferences – styles that include everything from boxer briefs to thongs and also have swimwear and loungewear.

2. Get Basic – The Essentials for Men and Women

Get Basic

“World’s Most Comfortable Basics.” – Get Basic

The Price:


Box Specs:

Get Basic, sometimes called Basic Man, is an underwear subscription service that specializes in simple gear. You shouldn’t expect any unique designs, but the inclusion of shirts makes this more than your standard underwear delivery service.

Your shipment comes with a 60/40 cotton-blend t-shirt, two boxer briefs, and a pair of men’s socks that range from sizes 9 to 12. Get Basic does not offer underwear by itself, so this isn’t suitable for people who are just looking for underpants. 

It comes with a variety of matching items and the sizes range from XS to 4XL. Plus, the cotton blend is very comfortable.

3. Stance Underwear – Incredible Designs

Stance Underwear

“Blending design and technology, Stance has designed underwear as uncommonly cool as the people who wear it.” – Stance 

The Price:


Box Specs:

Stance offers a complete line of clothing. If you subscribe to Stance’s monthly offering, the company will provide you with both socks and underwear. However, they do not include women’s underwear in their monthly subscriptions. 

While the quality is excellent and the designs are unique, you pay $20 for a single pair of socks or underwear. Fans of their clothing will appreciate this addition. 

Their high-quality fabric features their recognizable brand. It is also easy for you to cancel or skill a payment.

4. Knobby – Unique and Comfy 


“KNOBBY delivers the best, most comfy men’s underwear and women’s underwear.” – Knobby

The Price:


Box Specs:

Starting at $20, Knobby’s designs are almost too good to be hidden. They provide an excellent size guide with both men’s options and women’s options. The cost is possibly still a bit high for underpants.

Their focus on sustainability is seen in their bags and underpants, which carry the OEKO-TEX label, denoting their products as safe.

Overall, this is a high-quality underwear choice. You can view their designs online to get an idea of how they will fit.

Women’s Underwear Subscription Boxes

5. Underclub – Customizable Underpants for Women

Underclub Women

“Designer Underwear, for Every Body, for Every Month.” – Underclub

The Price:

$15 / mo.

Box Specs:

Underclub features brands like Natori, Thistle & Spire, and Commando. To begin, you are required to enter your size, and they take care of the rest. Given that their basic plan is $15 for a single pair of panties, it’s a bit more expensive than other options.

This subscription box is excellent for people who are looking for unique designs with matching bralettes. The complete underwear set is ideal for people who are willing to spend a bit more.

Other factors in favor of Underclub: it includes sizes XS to 4X, and sizing is typically pretty accurate, given they also ask your pant size and offer a charming “best butts” guarantee if you don’t like your items.

6. Bootay Bag

Bootay Bag Underwear

“Slide out of those old undies.” – Bootay Bag

The Price:

$10 / mo.

Box Specs:

BootayBag offers you the flexibility to choose between one to four pairs of panties. At $10, you can choose to order one pair or multiple pairs for up to $40.

Their cost savings come from the limited size range of underwear (sizes 0 to 14). However, they are great for women who want to save money.

Why choose BootayBag? They are incredibly cost-effective, their panties are high-quality and the first set comes with a matching bra!

7. Splendies – Customizable with Plus-Size Support


“A monthly subscription of three pairs of quality undies specially for ladies with curves.” – Splendies

The Price:

$15 / mo.

Box Specs:

With sizes from S to 4XL, Splendies offers a wider size variety than most women’s underwear delivery services. Their monthly cost of $17 per month is slightly higher than most, but the plus-size support makes it more than worth it.  

The designs are also charming and unique. They offer both thongs and full- panties. As a result, you can bet that they have just what you’re looking for. 

Besides offering plus-size models, Splendies has cute designs and provides comfortable wear.

8. Adore Me – A Comfortable Lingerie Subscription Service

Adore Me

“The first brand to offer extended sizing across all our products, and sell a wide range of products in a very wide range of styles and colors.” – Adore Me

The Price:

$20 / mo.

Box Specs:

Adore Me is a lingerie delivery service that includes everything from activewear to swimwear. Adore Me also offers an elite box that covers bra sizes from 30A to 46DDD. At a $20 styling fee, you end up paying a good chunk before actually keeping these items.

Thankfully, their underwear style choices cover a wide variety of tastes. 

With their incredibly comfortable and stylish loungewear and lingerie, Adore Me is a popular underwear subscription for all, including plus-size women.

9. Savage x Fenty – Rihanna’s Special Subscription Box 

Savage X Fenty Underwear

“Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty celebrates fearlessness, confidence and inclusivity.” – Savage x Fenty

The Price:

$50 / mo.

Box Specs:

Savage x Fenty is not a subscription box exclusively. It’s Rihanna’s exclusive lingerie brand, meaning you pay more for the brand name than the underwear. The Savage x Fenty subscription box is known as the “Xtra VIP membership”, costing about $50. 

For those who follow the artist, the brand name holds suitable amount of quality behind it. The brand features plus-size models, which is better than other clothing brands that fail to represent correctly.

Besides the brand name providing immediate recognition, it is great for people who enjoy a unique style. It is also less expensive than other similar brands.

10. Panty Drop- Panties with Support for All Sizes

Panty Drop

“Re-thinking panty design for EVERY BODY.” – Panty Drop

The Price:

$35/ 3 mo.

Box Specs:

Panty Drop is another excellent brand that supports plus-size needs for women. They are also arguably the coolest company because of their brand name.

They are also an organization that donates  profits to charity, with 1% of their underwear sales going to organizations in need.

The only problem is that they ship their panties over three-month periods. That means you will pay more upfront, but typically a bit less over time. 

11. Beau Undies

Beau Undies

“Every girl needs underwear but not every pair has to be basic.” – Beau Undies

The Price:

$14/ mo.

Box Specs:

The Beau Bag, which is the name for Beau Undie’s subscription box, contains what they describe as “spicy underpants.” The minimum cost is $14 for two pairs of panties, but the price becomes much more worth it if you buy four at $20. 

They offer both “cheekies” (thongs) and full panties. They are also another great women’s organization that donates fresh, clean panties to women in homeless shelters. 

12. Panty by Post – A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Panty By Post

“We ship LUXURY panties from top brands and designers.” – Panty by Post

The Price:

$14 / mo.

Box Specs:

Panty by Post offers a variety of options that range from your everyday wear to luxurious matching sets. They also provide premium options, and their signature line with unique designs. Either way, you can expect a pair of sexy underpants. 

They also offer a 100% happiness guarantee. However, you end up paying for that guarantee through $14 for a single pair of underpants. 

13. Eby – Seamless Panties Box

Eby Underwear

“Worn by the baddest women on the planet.” – Eby

The Price:

$40 / mo.

Box Specs:

Eby is an empowering, female-centric panty brand, with female entrepreneurs receiving 10% of Eby’s proceeds. Their underwear has a no-slip grip and comes in a wide variety of underwear types and colors for women.

With sizes XS to 4XL, Eby also makes sure that all sizes are cared for. You go through a questionnaire before purchasing a subscription, to find the right panties for your needs. You also can choose one of the many subscriptions they have, whether you’re after thongs only, all high-waisted, full panties, or mixed styles.

Plus, you can also customize your own box!

14. Luv My Skivvies

Luv My Skivvies

“Badass women need panties that live up to our adventures.” – Luv My Skivvies

The Price:

$20 / mo.

Box Specs:

Luv My Skivvies delivers panties for active women. They have one of the most flexible pricing plans available and you can also customize the frequency of the deliveries.

They have a list of styles that you can pick from classic briefs, high-cut briefs, control briefs, hipster, bikini, boyshorts, tanga, thongs, and g-string. Each month you get 2 pairs of panties.

15. Knotty Knickers

Knotty Knickers

“Fun, sexy and affordable.” – Knotty Knickers

The Price:

$4 / mo.

Box Specs:

A cost-effective service that offers everything from thongs to everyday panties, Knotty Knickers have cute panty designs in multiple styles.

You can choose from XS to 3XL, and there are options for every style and mood: naughty (only thongs), nice (no thongs), or sugar and spice (a mixed box with both).

16. Burgundy Fox

Burgundy Fox Underwear

“Naughty lingerie that’s nice.” – Burgundy Fox

The Price:

$64 / 3 mo.

Box Specs:

Burgundy Fox provides a series of curated boxes over three-month periods. This brand sells a beautiful range of lingerie and also offers premium underwear boxes. Although the price seems expensive, they are quite affordable when you buy in bulk.

They have underwear available for plus-size customers, with their “curvy couture” line. Burgundy Fox also sells a selection of toys and gifts, to spice your intimate moments.

17. Skivvie Nix

Skivvie Nix Underwear

“Effortless monthly update to your tattered and torn, period stained panties.” – Skivvie Nix

The Price:

$20 / mo.

Box Specs:

This is the best subscription box for those who prefer bold panties in a variety of styles. Although they have limited sizes (S to XL), they offer flexible subscription options from one month to 12 months.

Choose from T-Bone (2 thongs per month), Tenderloin (1 thong, 1 cheeky), or Rump Roast (2 cheeky per month). You can adapt your delivery plan and complete a fully customizable quiz before purchasing, where you can choose your favorite color, style, and size.

18. Rose War Panty Power

Rose War Panty Power

“It’s all about you and your unwanted guest.” – Rose War Panty Power

The Price:

$26 / mo.

Box Specs:

Rose War Panty Power offers underwear and organic products within a lifestyle box. It is focused on supporting women before, after, and during their periods.

It’s the first period subscription box, which includes not only underwear but also pads, tampons, and liners that are as comfortable as possible, and organic too. If you are pregnant or going through  menopause, Rose War Panty Power allows you to drop the period items and get a more lifestyle-focused box, with cute, useful gifts.

Their website allows you to see past boxes, so you can get an idea of what you are going to receive.

19. Luvxxx Lingerie Boxes

Luvxxx Lingerie

“Crazy, sexy, cool lingerie curated by Luvxxx™” – Luvxxx

The Price:

$9/ mo.

Box Specs:

A CrateJoy-based box with a variety of sexy underwear inside. We already mentioned this brand on our list of best lingerie subscription boxes. Luvxxx is a guaranteed option for sexy, comfortable, and affordable intimate clothing.

Wear confidence with Luvxxx lingerie, with their curated sets and pieces of intimate garments. It also comes in a stylish box that contains a bra and panties at just $9 per month.

20. My Panty Pack

My Panty Pack

“For women who want to be comfortable, cute, and SEXY!” – My Panty Pack

The Price:

$20 / mo.

Box Specs:

This brand is hosted on both Amazon and CrateJoy. At just $10 per pair of panties, it’s one of the most affordable underwear subscriptions in the market.

Their sizes range from S to 3XL, but they allow you to customize if you don’t find a size that fits you. My Panty Pack guarantees total quality material, from the seam to the stitch.

Plus, you will be happy to know that they donate a pair of fresh, clean underwear for every purchase to the local women’s shelter.

21. Scarlet’s Boutique

Scarlet Boutique

“Luxe lingerie delivered straight to your door.” – Scarlet’s Boutique

The Price:

$15 / mo.

Box Specs:

Scarlet’s Boutique is ideal for plus-size women and emphasizes confidence through their products. Each box of lingerie comes in a variety of sizes, with luxe fabrics and flattering cuts.

Furthermore, every month the subscriber gets a surprise gift that celebrates female empowerment. It’s a fun box that creates an exciting feeling of anticipation all with a focus on quality and comfort.

22. Crisscross Collection 

CrissCross Collection

“Feel Sexy, Look Amazing.” – Crisscross

The Price:

$20 / mo.

Box Specs:

This brand combines monthly underwear subscriptions, soap, and bras, all in one. It’s a CrateJoy underwear brand with many colors.

Their products are light and silky-soft, made of luxurious micro-fiber fabrics. They are also breathable, eco-friendly, and easily washable.

Get affordable lace waist briefs and thongs, with cotton crotch lining and seamless. The sizes range from S to XL and you have the possibility of asking for matching colored bras.

Men’s Underwear Subscription Boxes

23. Loot Underwear

Loot Underwear

“Get exclusive pop culture undies inspired by your favorite movies and TV shows.” – Loot Underwear

The Price:

$11 / mo.

Box Specs:

Those who enjoy the Loot Crate subscription box might also enjoy the alternative: Loot Underwear. Loot Underwear is a unique clothing brand that takes inspiration from pop culture references, comic books, and video games. 

Loot Underwear includes nerdy references for people who enjoy comic books and video games and awesome designs inspired by those references.

At $11 per pair of underwear, the designs are incredibly reasonable in price. However, they do not offer any panty variety for nerdy girls. 

24. Underwear Expert

Underwear Expert

“Men’s underwear should be comfortable.” – Underwear Expert

The Price:

$26 / mo.

Box Specs:

Underwear Expert hosts an “underwear club” subscription which offers you an immediate promotion to get your first pair free. However, the average cost per underwear after this is about $25.

For your basic style of underwater, that is an incredibly high price.

Underwear Expert offers incredibly comfortable underwear with quality recognition. Includes both plain and stylish underwear for all types, so as a premium service for men, it’s worth considering. 

25. Shinesty – Quirky and Stylish


“If this isn’t the softest, most supportive men’s underwear subscription to grace your grundle, they’re on us.” – Shinesty

The Price:

$16 / mo.

Box Specs:

Shinesty is almost identical to MeUndies, but with a bit of a different aesthetic. Much like MeUndies, you can choose mystery underwear for each month.

Those can be plain underwear or uniquely designed underwear, depending on your preferences. 

They also sell women’s underwear, but their website is geared more towards men. They also sell other items of clothing like dresses, swimwear, and pajamas. 

26. My Man Buns

My Man Buns

“Never worry about undies again.” – My Man Buns

The Price:

$15 / mo.

Box Specs:

My Man Buns is a men’s underwear subscription box offering several fun designs. They deliver comfortable items at an affordable cost of $15 per piece.

Despite their underwear designs being limited to repeated pictures of food or rainbows, they are still a pretty wholesome subscription option for anyone who enjoys colorful undies.

You can take their undies quiz and find the best traditional briefs to match your style. Man Buns also partners with several charitable organizations, from the Red Cross, to AIDS support groups, so you will be happy to know that part of your purchase will be directed to a good cause.

27. The Sock and Jock Box

Sock and Jock

“A brand-new surprise pair of boxer shorts & matching socks through your door every month.” – The Sock and Jock Box

The Price:

$9 / mo.

Box Specs:

This subscription box offers a single set of matching underwear and socks. It combines perfect quality underwear with socks to match for a single outfit.

Their briefs are 95% cotton and 5% spandex. They fit comfortably, especially due to the elastic waistband. Besides having unique designs, you can either choose your preferred one or let yourself be pleasantly surprised.

It’s also a perfect gift for a loved one if you don’t know what to give to someone on their birthday.

Check out other socks subscription boxes here.

28. Steven Even (VIP Men’s Underwear Club)

Steven Even

“Receive a new designer men’s underwear at your door.” – Steven Even

The Price:

$20 / mo.

Box Specs:

Steven Even offers underwear products of high quality which are reasonably comfortable too. They also provide male lingerie options in store.

You can choose the style and color from their latest collections, which range from size S to XL. They offer free shipping inside the US and you can pick how often you want your box to be delivered – every 1, 2, or 3 months, depending on your needs.

29. Andrew Christian – The Underwear of the Month Club

Andrew Christian Underwear

“Be your own kind of beautiful.” – Andrew Christian

The Price:

$16 / mo.

Box Specs:

The Underwear of the Month Club from Andrew Christian is a reasonably inexpensive way to own designer underpants. They sell both underwear and male jocks of different fits, colors, and looks.

You will receive one pair of designer undies per month. As a signup bonus, you are eligible for 30% off the first shipment, and also receive a free pair of underwear.

Andrew Christian is a LGBT friendly brand, supporting many gay and lesbian charities.

30. Dude Cover

Dude Cover

“We cover all things in one box!” – Dude Cover

The Price:

$33 / mo.

Box Specs:

This box combines underwear for men, socks, and hand towels in a single package. They offer a wide variety of essentials (underwear, t-shirts, socks, and handkerchiefs).

Dude Cover sizes range from XS to XXL, but the t-shirts are more limited, ranging from S and XL. Their pieces are odor-resistant, antimicrobial, and are made completely of cotton.

31. Undefined X-Press

Undefined X-Press

“A fresh pair of socks, t-shirt and boxer briefs. all in one pack!” – Undefined X-Press

The Price:

$21 / mo.

Box Specs:

This is a small-time monthly underwear box for men. Undefined X-Press is a men’s subscription box, that includes underwear, socks, t-shirts, antiperspirants, and an inspirational note.

It’s a great box for people who travel often, as it contains all the essentials to fit a backpack. You can stay fresh wherever you go, with clean underwear included.

Final Thoughts

With 31 different businesses all trying to ship you pairs of undies, there is a wide variety to choose from, from designer underwear to affordable underwear. Regardless of your preferred style, there’s something here for everyone. 

There are pros and cons to many of these underwear subscription services. Choose something that fit your needs and your size and you can even gift one of these subscriptions to a loved one.

If you like our subscription boxes list, check out other interesting lists, such as our article about the best shaving subscription boxes.

We hope this list has helped you to select the right underwear subscription box for you. Thanks for reading! 

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