Top 10 Ladies Shave Clubs and Subscription Boxes in 2022

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When searching for shaving clubs and shaving subscriptions, you’re probably been faced with a million options of shaving subscription boxes for men. The beard trimming, close-shave kind. They are always so masculine and full of burly aftershave scents.

They make excellent gifts for a man for sure. But what about those of us who want the convenience of a monthly shave kit for ourselves? A little pampering and self-care.

Well, we’ve not been excluded, ladies! This article is for all the ladies looking for a shave club for women. It can take some digging to find the best shaving subscription for us.

We’ve done the hard work of searching for the best female shaving kits on a monthly subscription, so you don’t have to.

Check out FiveBoxes best women’s shave club reviews of 2022.

1. All Girl Shave Club

All Girls Shave Club

“Meet your new favorite razor.” – All Girl Shave Club

The Price:

$18 per cycle

Box Specs:

All Girl Shave Club creates a super feminine experience with their razor subscription. You can customize your plan with the frequency you need and what you would like included.

The base plan is just $18 per cycle with free shipping. This includes their signature rose gold razor with 4 replacement razor-heads. The starter pack also includes a glitter tote for when taking your razor traveling with you.

You can also add on their extra caring body care products if you so choose. These include whipped shaving butter for a smoother shave. You can also add on a “discovery product” package. The company will send you 2-3 mystery full-sized products for you to try in each cycle.

As a ladies shave club, it’s feminine, lighthearted, and easy to set and forget. Exactly what you want from a razor subscription box.

2. Happy Legs Club

Happy Legs Club

“Healthy bathroom essentials for both you and him delivered right to your door.” – Happy Legs Club

The Price:

$18 per cycle

Box Specs:

Another unisex option is the Happy Legs Club. This is a shave club for him and her (though mostly for her). It’s a razor subscription that allows you to set your frequency of refills between every 2 months or every 3 months.

Renewal packs give you 6 new razor heads which are more than most on this list. Both the men’s and women’s shaving subscriptions are just $18 per cycle with free shipping. Great deal!

3. Dollar Shave Club For Women

Dollar Shave Club For Women

“Need a smooooth shave?” – Dollar Shave Club

The Price:

Depends on the items you choose

Box Specs:

So it may sound funny to start a review article about shave clubs for women with Dollar Shave Club. You may have heard this social media titan recommended to men. And you’d be forgiven for thinking it was reserved for men since Dolar Shave Club reviews tend to come from men.

In fact, Dollar Shave Club is unisex. The products are designed to be used by all genders. Therefore the scents they use are quite universally pleasant. You won’t come away smelling like Axe body spray.

This is a customizable box that allows you to make your own ideal shaving kit. It’s a bi-monthly subscription of the products you choose delivered straight to your door, so you never run out. You can also opt for a quarterly box or every 4 months. From razor head replacements to face washes, you can tailor the box to your needs and pay for what you ask for. Overall, it’s a great service that is inclusive of all!

4. Flamingo

Flamingo Shave Club

“Feel good body care, tailored to you.” – Flamingo

The Price:

$16 for a one-off kit

Box Specs:

On to the more feminine and self-care side of things, we have the body-positive Flamingo. Flamingo is a ladies shave club that creates simple, caring body care products for women.

Their shave set includes their award-winning shaving products that are made to care for your delicate skin.

It contains a shave gel, razor, body lotion, replacement razor heads, shower hook, and recyclable pouch. You can even customize the look of your kit with four cool colors to choose from.

At just $16 for the kit, this is a lovely shave club for women that won’t break the bank.

5. Athena Club

Athena Club

“For How People Actually Shave.” – Athena Club

The Price:

Depends on your product choices

Box Specs:

Athena is a shave club for women that really gets it right. Their products are allergen-free and formulated to feel amazing on your skin. The subscription box is very much like Dollar Shave Club.

You can choose which products you want and the frequency you want them – easy peasy.

Alternatively, they have some really lovely pre-prepared shaving kits that you can choose instead at a discount. These start from just $30 per month. It’s more than just a shave club. It’s pure self-care sent right to your doorstep!

6. Billie

Billie Shave Club

“Meet the award-winning razor and daily essentials to upgrade your routine.” – Billie

The Price:

$10 per month

Box Specs:

Billie is a razor subscription for colorful women. The award-winning razor is ergonomically designed to be used wherever you need it to go. Even those hard-to-reach areas so you can customize your personal grooming to suit you.

The subscription is super affordable at just $10 per month. You can get a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly shipment of new razor heads to keep your razor fresh.

With fun colorful designs and added body care extras, you’ll have so much fun with a Billie subscription!

7. OUI The People

OUI The People

“Transforming shaving into a luxurious ritual.” – OUI The People

The Price:

Kits start from $38

Box Specs:

No list of shave clubs for women would be complete without the luxurious OUI The People. This brand has redefined women’s shaving into a sensual, pampering experience that won’t get with other brands.

Though their shaving kits are pricey, you can expect the highest quality shave of your life. Clean sustainable ingredients. Top-quality scents.

Excellent shaving technology to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. This ladies shave club kit is a wonderful gift for a friend or a pamper kit for yourself.

8. Joy Shave

Joy Shave

“We’re like your BFF if your BFF helped you remove body hair.” – Joy Shave

The Price:

$9.70 per month

Box Specs:

This cheerful and Canadian-based company is one of the best shave clubs for young women. With brightly colored shaving sets and a low price, it makes personal grooming super fun!

This is a razor subscription first and foremost. The starter kit has no frills. It contains a razor, a shower hook, and 2 blade refills. Thereafter, you can set the frequency for when your blade refills are sent to you, depending on how much you shave.

You can receive your new razor heads every month, 2 months, or 3 months. Excellent flexibility and so easy to sign up!

9. Gillette Venus

Gillette Venus Club

“Designed with a woman’s body in mind.” – Gillette Venus

The Price:

$17 for the starter pack. $13 for refills

Box Specs:

I think we’ve all used a Gillette Venus razor at least once in our lives! We know that familiar brightly colored curved design and rubber handle. Well, Gillette has gifted the ladies with a razor subscription that simplifies your shaving routine.

The first pack contains 3 blade refills and the razor itself. There are two different razors to choose from depending on the results you want. The Sensitive Smooth razor is $17 to start and $13 per installment of 4 refills. The Extra Smooth starter kit is $23 and the set of refills is $18 each.

You can set the frequency as to how often you’ll need new razor heads. If you want a familiar brand, Gillette Venus is the best shaving subscription for you.

10. The Women’s Shave Club

The Women's Shave Club

“Happy shaver, happy saver.” – The Women’s Shave Club

The Price:

From $1 per cycle

Box Specs:

Yes, you read the right! The cheapest razor subscription on this list goes to The Women’s Shave Club. This is the only one we’ve reviewed that isn’t solely based on reusable razors with replaceable heads. Instead, The Women’s Shave Club takes a different approach.

You can choose to purchase one of their low-cost shave club packs that include disposable razors instead. For example, the $1 plan includes 3 disposable razors. The most expensive plan is a reusable razor at $9.99 per cycle.

This is the option for you if you’re on a budget.

Final Thoughts

In this reviewer’s opinion, the best razor subscription is Billie. It’s a fun, conscientious clean brand that prioritizes your comfort in shaving. The subscription is easy to use and the products are of great quality for the price.

For an overall luxurious shave club for women OUI The People is hard to beat. The prices are high but the quality is higher. One of their kits would make a fantastic gift for a dear friend!

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