18 Japanese Candy & Snack Subscription Boxes to Try In 2022

If you love Japanese treats and want a monthly taste, these Japanese Candy subscription boxes could be for you!

Whether you have a fascination for Japanese candy or want to surprise a friend with a gift, you can find a different box for everyone. It’s not just candy, but savory snacks too.

Here are FiveBoxes top 18 best Japanese candy & snacks subscription boxes!

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Last updated on May 1, 2022

1. Japan Crate

Japan Crate

“Experience the Excitement of Japan Every Month Through Fun Candy & Snacks” – Japan Crate

The Price:


Box Specs:

Based in Tokyo, Japan Crate has made it their mission to be the most cutting edge Japanese candy and snack subscription box out there. The parent company actually owns 5 distinct snack box offerings. But we’ll focus on the Japan Crate for now.

There are three tiers of monthly crates on offer. All offering exclusive snacks and candy with free worldwide shipping – just differing sizes.

The smallest is The Mini. The Mini is $22.95 per month and comes with 5 items. The Original is $35.95. It comes with 10 items and a DIY kit. The Premium is their largest offering. It contains 18-20 snacks, 1 drink, a DIY kit, and a limited edition bonus item that you can’t get anywhere else.

2. Japan Candy Box

Japan Candy Box

“Enjoy fun & delicious snacks straight from Tokyo!” – Japan Candy Box

The Price:

$29.90 per month

Box Specs:

If you are after a Japanese candy subscription box then this might be the one for you. It says it all in the name! These curated Japanese candies come straight from Tokyo to your door on a monthly basis.

Each box contains an assortment of 10 Japanese snacks and candies. You can find chewy candy, sour candy and more. You can lower the monthly amount if you opt for one of the longer subscription contracts.

All subscription plans, however, include free shipping to the US.

3. Kawaii Box

Kawaii Box

“Kawaii-fy your life! The cutest monthly surprise” – Kawaii Box

The Price:


Box Specs:

The Kawaii Box is very cute. It’s light, bubbly, and girly. So Kawaii! It goes well beyond Japanese snacks.

Each month you’ll get plushies, stationery, charms, accessories, toys, and keychains. It’s a crazy mix of 8-10 goodies.

There is free shipping worldwide so this is a great gift idea for anyone who would love a dose of cuteness.

As with the other boxes, if you subscribe to 6 months of 12 months, you can get a discount on the per box price.

4. Manga Spice Cafe

Manga Spice Cafe

“The #1 Manga subscription box.” – Manga Spice Cafe

The Price:

$38 per month + shipping

Box Specs:

For the manga lovers out there, this Japanese subscription box is a great pick. It includes snacks as well as 3 newly released manga and a café drink.

Each month has a different theme to keep things fresh. Right now, they are in for a spookfest celebrating Halloween with an edition of the Manga Burn The Witch.

They have a box aimed at the USA and another one for the rest of the world. So you can order this box in almost any location!

Shipping is just $5.95 per month. This box definitely is value for money.

5. Snakku


“Authentic Japanese snack subscription.” – Snakku

The Price:

$49.85 per month

Box Specs:

Snakku has a great philosophy of supporting local, small, Japanese snack vendors bolstering the small business economy. The packaging is beautiful. Each box is wrapped with traditional furoshiki washi paper.

The signature box is excellent value for money. It contains 20-25 snacks and free worldwide shipping. The quality of this box is well worth the price point!

You can bring the total per box price down by enlisting in one of the longer subscription contracts.

6. Freedom Japanese Market

Freedom Japanese Market

“The perfect box of treats from the land of the rising sun.” – Freedom Japanese Market

The Price:

$24.99 for the main size per month

Box Specs:

This family-owned Japanese snack box is well priced and unique. What makes them unique is the inclusion of origami in each box they offer. That makes it stand apart from the rest.

They have three sizes available. The Puchi pack is the smallest and costs just $14.99 per month. It contains 5-8 full-size snacks still. The Original pack is $24.99 and contains 16-24 full-sized snacks.

The Family pack doesn’t necessarily contain more snacks. The largest pack contains larger-scale snacks.

7. Kizuna Snack Box

Kizuna Snack Box

“Delivering Japan to your door”. – Kizuna Snack Box

The Price:

From $24.99 per month

Box Specs:

Kizuna brings authentic Japanese treats to you with a twist. They have three different boxes available, but we’ll focus on the food boxes. The Kizuna Snack box and the Kizuna Healthy box.

The snack box includes 17-20 artisanal treats, plus a beverage and 1or 2 lifestyle items. All that for $24.99 monthly. The healthy box is quite unique.

It’s still snack-based but a little healthier than the main box. For 10-15 healthy snacks, it will cost you $34.99 per month.

8. My Japan Box

My Japan Box

“Our 40+ boxes are perfect for people who want to discover Japan” – My Japan Box

The Price:

From $25.99 per month

Box Specs:

Yes, you read that right. My Japan Box has 40+ boxes on offer! That ranges from Japanese food subscription boxes, character boxes, anime and manga boxes, stationery boxes and more. You can choose your flavor.

Focusing on the food boxes, you have a range to choose from. Ramen, snacks, KitKat, tea, candy – it’s all here! The pricing is all customized to the box.

However, the cheapest is the ramen subscription box at just $25.99 per month. The priciest is the Japanese candy box but this is only $30.99 per month. So, it’s pretty affordable whichever you choose.

9. Umai Crate

Umai Crate

“Get your dose of monthly noods!” – Umai Crate

The Price:

$49.95 per month

Box Specs:

The Umai Crate is a Japanese food subscription box powered also by Japan Crate, but specifically for ramen. How amazing does that sound!

You get a huge variety of noodle packs sent right to your door each month. Each box contains 8-10 meals. So no – not enough for ramen every single day, but definitely twice a week which is pretty sweet!

Your box will also include a custom recipe card and a bonus cooking item. For the price and free worldwide shipping, it’s quite a steal!

10. Bokksu


“Discover Japan Through Snacks” – Bokksu

The Price:

$49.95 per month

Box Specs:

As a Japanese snack box, Bokksu is one of the most well-known and loved. It-s a family-owned business that has a lot of heart. It brings a premium theme to the monthly box landscape that few other snack boxes can emulate. Just look at the branding! So lush.

The focus is on authenticity with Bokksu. They fill their boxes with authentic Japanese savory snacks and candies to tempt any lover of Japanese culture.

As for the box itself, there are different subscription terms you can subscribe to. You get a slight discount if you opt for a longer-term contract like 3, 6 or 12 months. Each box after your first has a monthly theme and will contain a minimum of 12 items.

Both Japanese people and enthusiasts will love this as a gift or a slice of home.

11. MunchPak

Munchpak Japan

“New and popular snacks from around the world.” – MunchPak

The Price:

$26.95 per month

Box Specs:

For more of an international flavor (get it?), you may love MunchPak. We already mentioned MunchPak in the best food & snacks subscription boxes.

This is a slight departure from the other Japanese subscription food boxes on this list. It features amazing snacks and candy from around the world.

You can always bet that Japanese snacks will feature heavily as they are so popular. But it’s more of an eclectic international mix. Even things from Europe are included.

So what do you get? The MunchPak Mini has 5 snacks for $16.95 per month. The MunchPak original has 10 snacks for $26.95 per month. The family pack has 20 snacks for $46.95 per month. Free US shipping is included in all packs.

12. Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat

“Join our global Tokyo Treat fam!” – Tokyo Treat

The Price:

$35 per month

Box Specs:

Tokyo Treat has a mix of all kinds of snacks. It comes with savory snacks, sweet snacks, DIY kits, and even Japanese soda. It’s the complete package in one!

Instead of promising you a set number of items, Tokyo Treat will send you a minimum of 1.2kilos of snacks.  These are full-sized Japanese treats too. Many of the others on this list only offer mini samples. These are guaranteed to be full-sized. A great option for discovering fun new things to munch on.

13. YumeTwins

Yume Twins

“Make every day Kawaii!” – YumeTwins

The Price:

From $32.50 per month

Box Specs:

YumeTwins is a Kawaii-themed box that gives you an injection of Japanese cuteness every month.

It is mostly focused on plushies, stationery, and other cute, branded goods. This would be a fantastic gift for anyone obsessed with Kawaii culture.

It won’t break the bank either. The YumeTwins box is small with just 5-7 items per box from $32.50 per month.

14. ZenPop


“Experience the best of Japan every month with our themed subscription packs.” – ZenPop

The Price:

$27 per month

Box Specs:

ZenPop offers an eclectic mix of items from snacks to stationery, ramen, and sweets. It’s the complete package for Japan lovers in many ways. Their philosophy is to package a Japanese experience and deliver it right to your door.

If you like, you can but the isolated ramen packs or stationery packs to hone in on the items you are most interested in. The mixed pack is quite reasonably priced at $27 per month.

You get a little bit of everything including two full-size ramen packets.

15. NihonBox


“The NihonBox is the box for Japan lovers!” – NihonBox

The Price:

$29.99 per month

Box Specs:

The Nihon box is a mix of Japanese cultural items you love. It’s more than a Japanese food box, although it does contain snacks. Each month you’ll get a minimum of 6 full-sized items.

In terms of selection, you could receive manga/anime-themed, objects, traditional items, and snacks.

Get some authentic Japanese figurines, iconic characters from videogames, manga, and anime, and some snacks to munch on. From cookies to chips, you never know what you are going to get.

16. Okashi Crate

Okashi Crate

“Feel Japan through our subscription box of Japanese Snacks & Candies.” – Okashi Crate

The Price:

$45 per month

Box Specs:

The Okashi Crate is just one year old but has already cemented its place as one of the best Japanese candy and snack subscription boxes out there.

It contains a mix of 19 candies and snacks straight from Japan to your door. You can choose the snacks you want and change your subscription each month, adapting them to the season!

The box also includes a full-size drink, a DYI snack, and a leaflet with allergens, so if you are gluten-intolerant you will know which products to avoid. Also, did we tell you that if you make a 6-month subscription you get 1 month free?

17. Sakuraco


“Discover Authentic Japanese Flavors.” – Sakuraco

The Price:

$37.50 per month

Box Specs:

The Sakuraco box has a truly premium feel. It has a selection of assorted snacks, candy, and tea with a touch more polish than some of the others on this list. Beautifully packaged, this is an ideal choice as a gift for a loved one.

Best of all, it is extremely reasonably priced for the premium feel of the box. Just $37.50 will get you 20 authentic Japanese snacks with express delivery. Delivery is an extra cost, however.

18. Japan Centre Snack Box

Japan Centre Snack Box

“Open up your Pop Culture Snack Box and see what surprises await you this month.” – Japan Centre Snack Box

The Price:

From £25 per month ($33.99)

Box Specs:

Finally, we end on the Japan Centre’s subscription box. They have two sizes available. The standard contains 7-10 snacks for £25 ($33.99). The premium box contains 11-16 snacks, one noodle pack, and one drink for £40($54) per month.

This one comes from the UK. As standard, delivery is included in all plans for England, Scotland, and Wales. This doesn’t ship to the US but it does ship to parts of Europe. Do check the website for details.

Final Thoughts

There are so many Japanese candy and snack subscription boxes to choose from. It’s difficult to give you a straight recommendation! For something higher-end, we recommend Sakuraco or Bokksu. For a great all-rounder, Tokyo treat works great. It has a little bit of everything which is a good place to start. The price is also reasonable.

You also have all of the novelty boxes that are perfect as gifts. Namely the Manga Spice Café, Kawaii Box, and Japan Candy box.

Still, these are all fabulous, so have fun finding the one for you. And if you want to find other FiveBoxes subscription lists, like the best chocolate boxes in 2022. Check it out!

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