13 Whiskey Subscription Boxes to Try in 2022

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If you appreciate good quality whiskey, you showed up to the right spot. Getting whiskey delivered right to your front door with a whiskey subscription box is a real game-changer. 

With a huge flavor range, whiskey can be very complex, so it’s sometimes hard to find what you really like by just browsing the liquor store. Having professionals in the whiskey industry choose for you seems like a fantastic idea. 

We’ve put together a list of the best whiskey subscription boxes available to make your life as easy as possible. These boxes are designed to help you explore the world of whiskey, introducing you to world-class, premium products. 

These box subscriptions make the perfect gift for those whiskey lovers in your life, or anyone interested in learning a bit more about quality whiskey. 

Note: In the US the spelling used is equal to the Irish: whiskey. However, in Canada, they use the Scottish spelling, whisky. Although we use majorly the US spelling in this article, sometimes you might find it written as ‘whisky’, to keep the brand name intact.

1. Flaviar 

Flaviar Box

“Expand your horizons through tasting & discovery” – Flaviar 

The Price: 


Box Specs: 

Flaviar is a whiskey subscription service that sources rare and mysterious whiskeys. They not only source whiskeys, but any other spirit you could imagine as well. 

When setting up your profile you take a short quiz, selecting some of your favorite known whiskeys. They then break down those whiskeys and the flavors in them to get to the bottom of the flavors you really like.  

Then, on a quarterly basis, you’ll get a box delivered containing a few sample whiskeys, and a full-sized bottle of a delicious whiskey they believe you will love.  

This service is an awesome way to try new and exciting whiskeys you’d never find elsewhere. 

2.  Caskers 

Caskers Club

Your personal whiskey concierge” – Caskers 

The Price: 


Box Specs: 

Caskers is a whiskey subscription service with a goal to take you on an adventure into the world of whiskey. More specifically, either a journey into American whiskeys, or whiskeys from the rest of the world. 

There are two different clubs you can join which offer for delivery on a quarterly basis. One is their all-American whiskey box, and the other is the whiskey from around the world box. 

Each club sends you 2 full size bottles of premium, top-shelf whiskeys that are hand-selected by experts. They never repeat any bottles, so each shipment will add something new to your whiskey collection. 

So, the only question you have to answer is, American whiskey or world-wide whiskey? 

3. Whisky Flavour 

Whisky Flavour

“With our Whisky Flavour tasting box you’ll discover new and original expressions every month.” – Whisky Flavour 

The Price: 


Box Specs: 

This is the perfect whiskey delivery box for those who just want to try a bunch of new whiskeys, and not commit to a full bottle. 

With this box you get at least 4 different, own-branded, miniature bottles shipped to you on a monthly basis. These whiskeys are impeccably smooth and come from some of the most respected distilleries around the world. 

The branding of this company is really cool, with your whiskey arriving in a minimalist wooden box that will look great on the shelf. 

This is a whiskey sample box for those looking to get out of their comfort zone and try some new flavours.  

4. The Whisky Nest

The Whisky Nest

“New releases, modern spirits, cocktails, and other drinking options that change the way we view and drink whisky.” – The Whisky Nest

The Price:

$22.67/month (£16.99 GBP)

Box Specs:

At first sight, the content in this box looks like something you would see on a bath subscription box. Hold your thoughts, because it is really whisky.

The Whisky Nest makes sure that its customers have a total whisky journey, providing samples of some of the best distilleries around the world.

It’s a pretty straightforward experience for whisky lovers: you get a 100ml bottle delivered to your door, from a distillery around the world, along with a tasting card that gives you pairing options.

You enjoy some very exquisite whisky while learning about the history of the drink and about distilleries owned by families for centuries.

The only con? It’s a business based in the UK, so they are not allowing shipping outside Europe. However, you can find businesses like forward2me that give you a UK address and then ship the product to you.

You can also use the code WELCOME10 at the checkout for a special discount!

5.  Shots Box 

Shots Box

“Take the guesswork out of choosing a new drink to enjoy.” – Shots Box 

The Price: 

$89.99/every two months 

Box Specs: 

Shots Box is a whiskey tasting subscription experience that brings amazing craft whiskeys from around the country directly to your doorstep. They take the hassle and guesswork out of choosing the next whiskey to try.  

The goal is to discover new brands you wouldn’t otherwise discover. If you fall in love with one of the samples you receive, you can then order a full-size bottle of it for your collection. 

In the Whiskey Shots Box, you receive 10 curated small batch whiskey samples, delivered every other month. You also receive a tasting glass, tasting journal, and pencil.  

This service specializes in bringing you new products and allowing you to take notes and remember what you’re tasting. So, you’re not only drinking unique whiskeys, but you’re also learning what you like. 

6. Mash & Grape 

Mash & Grape

“Impress whiskey lovers with this gift.” – Mash & Grape 

The Price: 


Box Specs: 

This whiskey club subscription is the perfect gift for the person that already has a full drinks shelf. You can never have too many bottles of whiskey in your collection. Especially when each bottle is unique, and some of the best in the world. 

Each month you or the recipient of the gift receives a new bottle of whiskey that is hand-chosen from world class distilleries. The idea here is to wow, and get you excited to receive your next new bottle. 

The huge variety from across the globe is the specialty of this whiskey club. 

7.  Bitters & Bottles 

Bitters and Bottles

The Price: 


Box Specs: 

Stock up your bar with extraordinary bottles of American whiskey, one-of-a-kind single barrels, and limited release creations from the country’s top distilleries. 

Every three months, the Bitters & Bottles team curates a new selection of top-shelf American whiskey for their monthly whiskey delivery box. 

This is the perfect box for the friend you know loves American whiskeys and wants to try the best the country has to offer. 

8.  Tasters Club 

Tasters Club

“We’ve worked hard to curate a list of premium and hard to find whiskeys, including exclusive releases, that you’re sure to savor.” – Tasters Club 

The Price: 


Box Specs: 

For the Tasters Club, appreciated whiskey is more than just what it tastes like. So, with every bottle of whiskey in the monthly box, they also include unique “whiskey 101” digital course material. 

With each box, members get to be connoisseurs and learn about that month’s selection, production techniques, trends, and history. 

Every month, members receive a new bottle of whiskey that’s never been shipped out before. These whiskeys are often exclusive releases or hard-to-find bottles. 

The style of the whiskey is also always changing, so you get to try a mix of Bourbon, Scotch, Irish, and Japanese. This box will keep you on your toes in the excitement about what’s next. 

9. Whisky Loot 


“Award winning whisky in every box.” – Whisky Loot 

The Price: 


Box Specs: 

Every whiskey subscription box from these guys is specially curated to take you on a journey, from the highlands of Scotland through to the red wine barrels of Australia. 

Each month, they select 3 different mini bottles of hard-to-find, premium brand name whisky, sourced from distilleries around the world. The packaging looks fantastic and is super exciting to open. Perfect to send to a loved one’s front door. 

Don’t worry, if you fall in love with one of these mini bottles, you also get exclusive member pricing to purchase a full bottle of your new favorite. 

10. The Scotch Malt Whiskey Society 

Scotch Malt Whiskey Society

“Society members enjoy access to the world’s most remarkable selection of single cask whisky.” – Scotch Malt Whiskey Society 

The Price: 

$99/year + cost of individual bottles  

Box Specs:  

This is the fanciest of all the whiskey monthly subscriptions we’ve looked at. Based in Scotland, they are on a mission to uncover the finest single malt whiskeys in the world. 

To even have the opportunity to buy these incredible single cask whiskeys, you have to be a member. That costs you $99 a year. Then, each month they release one of their incredible whiskeys for sale, to members only. These bottles cost between $99-$200. 

This program is curated to show the incredible range of flavor profiles possible in high-end whisky. If you are looking to buy a single malt whisky for a whisky snob, this is the fanciest you can get.   

11. Craft Whisky Club 

Craft Whisky Club

“Discover the new classics.” – Craft Whisky Club 

The Price: 

$99/every two months 

Box Specs: 

A whiskey subscription box to keep you thirsty. This club strives to source the finest of hard-to-find, small-batch, and artisan whiskeys for its members to enjoy. 

Discover amazing flavors from the most innovative of master distillers from Scotland and beyond. Every box includes a specially selected food pairing and additional information about the distillery of that month. 

Boxes are shipped out every two months, and you have the option of selecting one or two bottles of premium, hand-curated whiskey.  

Styles of whiskey vary and are from around the world. 

12. Pour More 

Pour More

“The monthly whiskey club chosen by connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and explorers.” – Pour More 

The Price:  


Box Specs: 

This whiskey monthly box is perfect for someone that loves exploring whiskeys of all kinds, from around the world. From Scotch to Japanese whiskey and everything in between, this box will help you to determine what you like best. 

There are three different club levels, so if you’re looking for a budget friendly box this one might be for you. The higher-tier memberships include rarer and more expensive whiskeys. 

The different tier options make this the perfect choice for anyone, whether you’re new to whiskey or whether it’s a passionate hobby for you. 

13. RackHouse Whiskey Club 

Rackhouse Whiskey

“We’re more than a subscription box; we’re building a community of premium craft whiskey drinkers. And you’re invited.” – RackHouse Whiskey Club 

The Price: 

$89-$129/every two months 

Box Specs: 

RackHouse Whiskey Club is a monthly box subscription that truly cares about the products they send out. They care about the stories of the distilleries they feature and pass that passion and information along to their members. 

They scour the U.S. to partner with the best distilleries with the best stories. Then they work with the head distiller to curate a whiskey delivery box containing the finest whiskeys. 

Shipped out every two months, you have the choice of receiving one or two bottles of hard-to-find, small-batch whiskey, and merchandise. 

This is the box for small-batch American whiskey enthusiasts. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding delicious and world-class whiskey has never been so easy. Whether you are a whiskey enthusiast yourself or are looking to buy a gift for someone else, you can’t go wrong with any of these whiskey subscription boxes. 

There’s a huge variety when it comes to different whiskey types and flavors, and it can be hard to find what you actually like. We’ve put together this list of whiskey club subscriptions to help you find the box that’s just right for you. 

From smokey Scotch to smooth Bourbon, there’s something for every type of whiskey drinker on this hand-curated list. We made these choices based on the quality of the whiskeys, the variety, pricing, and ease of use. 

Here at FiveBoxes we care about what you think, so let us know which whiskey monthly subscription you think is the best! And if you’re looking for a gift for a non-whiskey drinker, check out these top monthly tea subscription boxes

No matter who you are shopping for, FiveBoxes is here to help you find the absolute best subscription service to fit your needs! 

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