24 Monthly Skincare Subscription Boxes for Women in 2022

Is there any greater pleasure than treating yourself to a set of new skincare goodies? Nourishing your skin is self-care at its finest. The beauty of skincare subscription boxes is that they give you the opportunity to try a range of new skincare products without fully committing to the full sizes at full price.

We’ve all been there, where you have bought a full bottle of tea tree cleanser, only to realize it dries out your skin after a week of use and you can’t return it. 
Skincare monthly boxes solve those problems. So here we have FiveBoxes’ lineup of the 24 best skincare subscription boxes available on the market today.  

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Last updated on May 1, 2022

1. LookFantastic

Look Fantastic

“Monthly me time? Look no further.” – Look Fantastic

The Price:

$19 per month

Box Specs:

LookFantastic is a household name for skincare junkies and for good reason! They bring a plethora of awesome products to our fingertips at the click of a button. With their beauty box, they have upped their game by bringing you 6 beauty products to try every month. 

Previous beauty boxes have included masks, lip balms, essential oils, and stress-relieving hand creams, all to soothe your senses and make you feel incredible.

With flexible subscription plans of 1, 3, 9, and 12 months, you can select a service that best suits you and save in the process. You can cancel at any time and your subscription will end at your next billing cycle – simple!

On top of your monthly skincare beauty box, you can also purchase limited-edition boxes for some extra goodness (the picture above is of their Eve Lom limited edition box). 

LookFantastic provides an awesome service that you don’t want to miss out on! 


BOXYCHARM skincare

“Discover beauty faves with BOXYCHARM.” – BOXYCHARM

The Price:

$27.99 per month

Box Specs:  

If you have dared to grace the YouTube skincare world, then you have certainly heard of BOXYCHARM! Their popularity is certainly not for nothing. BOXYCHARM is one of the best skincare boxes on the market.  

Each month, they provide a selection of 5 full-sized makeup and skincare products for you to experiment with. These are brand-name products that are personalized to you after taking their online beauty box quiz.  

They have flexible monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annual plans to choose from, with savings at each tier. This is a great beauty box for you if you are into makeup and skincare and want to dabble in new products every month.  

Find more women’s subscription boxes here.

3. FabFitFun   

FabFitFun skincare

“It’s time you gave yourself something nice.” – FabFitFun

The Price:

$199 for annual plan or $54.99 quarterly plan 

Box Specs:  

We mentioned this amazing subscription service several times before, including in our article about the best self-care subscription boxes. FabFitFun offers a unique mix of beauty and fitness gear for women.  

They are quite unique as a skincare subscription box. They have a pick-and-mix subscription style meaning you can actively select the items you receive. 

As this is a quarterly box rather than a monthly one, they offer 8 full-sized products to play with, ranging from fitness gear to makeup and skincare products. It is a complete treat-yo-self box that makes a great gift for women who love to pamper themselves.  

(Psst – a gift from you to you is totally allowed too!) 

4. Ipsy

Ipsy skincare subscription box

“Beauty Picked Just For You.” – Ipsy

The Price:

$13 per month

Box Specs:  

It’s not the first time for Ipsy to appear in FiveBoxes, as it made a cameo on the best make-up subscription boxes list.

Ipsy offers an incredibly popular personalized skincare box that really caters to your specific needs. We completed the online quiz and found it very intuitive and comprehensive. You can specify if you want your box to be more makeup heavy or skincare heavy, and which products you are likely to use and love the most.

You can also set your skincare concerns, your favorite scents, your skin tone, eye color, the works! We love that extra in-depth layer of personalization so that you get the most out of your subscription.  

The Glam Bag is just $12 per month. It contains mostly samples and one full-sized product of your choice.  

Plans are flexible from monthly to annual. This is a super fun, easy-to-use, and well-priced skincare subscription that is worth investigating! 

5. Birchbox

BirchBox skincare

“The future is casual.” – Birchbox

The Price:

$15 per month 

Box Specs:  

Birchbox advertises itself as the casual beauty box that delivers products you love without you having to lift a finger. Sounds pretty sweet, right?  

Unlike the others we mentioned so far, this is primarily a skincare sample box. This means two things.  

1) It is cheaper than many skincare boxes on the market 
2) The sample sizes allow you to waste less on products you may not be so keen on.  

This is skincare experimentation at its finest.  

There are flexible monthly, quarterly, and annual plans which give you great rates on the box. Each box contains 5 sample products to try. 

6. GlossyBox

GlossyBox skincare

“Ready, Set, Glow!” – GlossyBox

The Price:

$21 per month 

Box Specs:  

GlossyBox is another blend of makeup and skincare sold as a beautiful monthly skin box. With your monthly subscription, you get 5 beauty products delivered straight to you.

GlossyBox also recently released their own skincare line which they will be including in their boxes. The line is available for purchase at a discounted price for subscribers too!

As each box is worth over $60 in the retail price, GlossyBox is one of the best value for money skincare boxes on the market today. 

7. Scentbird

Scentbird skincare

“Discover a new fragrance every month for $15.95.” – Scentbird

The price:


Box Specs:  

Scentbird is certainly one of the more unusual monthly beauty boxes, but it is pure self-care for those who love divine smells. Scentbird has a level of personalization to it too as you can take a quiz to discover the types of scents you like most. You’ll also have full access to their large catalog of scents to choose from each month. Your scent box is what you make it.

There are few men’s skincare subscription boxes on this list because unfortunately, most skincare products out there are geared toward women. But Scentbird breaks the trend by offering a men’s scent box too. 

Each month you will be sent the selection of scents you choose in 8ml sample bottles that contain around 140 sprays. That should last you until your next order and give you plenty of time to experiment with each scent.
This is a great way to discover new perfumes and colognes that you may not have heard of before. 

8. Grove Collaborative

The Grove Co

“Healthy essentials. Flexible monthly shipments.” – Grove Collaborative

The Price: 

Depends on the products your order 

Box Specs: 

The Grove Collaborative monthly subscription is possibly one of the most unique subscription services ever. It is all centered on being green and neutralizing our carbon and plastic footprint on this Earth.  

The idea is that you explore their unique catalog of sustainable products to receive on a regular basis. Their clever system will automatically set the subscription frequency for each product individually. For example, you don’t need to replace lip balms as often as you might replace a bottle of face cleanser.  

Using the smart subscription feature, the Grove will automatically notify you and renew each product at the set frequency, lowering the carbon footprint and only providing the most healthy, natural options for your skincare.  

The Grove Collaborative not only provides skincare products but household and cleaning products too. It is a wonderful, all-encompassing option for anyone wanting to live sustainably in all aspects of their life.   

9. Allure Beauty Box

Allure skincare

“Unbox Your Summer Look.” – Allure Beauty Box

The Price:

$23 per month  

Box Specs: 

We all know Allure as one of the prime beauty publications in the US. But did you know they create a pretty awesome skincare beauty box too? 

Their monthly beauty box contains 8 items – 3 of which are full-sized and the others are samples to experiment with. 

You’ll receive a good balance of makeup and skincare products that work on a wide range of skin tones and skin types, so you may just discover your new favorite products!  

10. Walmart Beauty Box

Walmart skincare

“Get a new box for every season.” – Walmart Beauty Box

The Price:

$6.98 per quarter 

Box Specs:  

Have you ever put the words “Walmart” and “beauty” in the same sentence? 

Us neither. But Walmart makes one of the best skincare boxes for those on a budget. Unlike most of the boxes on this list, the Walmart Beauty Box is quarterly and very inexpensive.  

At the start of each season, you’ll receive a box of skincare and makeup products at a fraction of the retail price – all of your favorite drugstore brands curated into a seasonal beauty box. 

For less than $10 per box, who could argue with that? 

11. FaceTory

FaceTory skincare

“Every face has a story.” – FaceTory

The Price:

From $11.90 per month 

Box Specs: 

So far, the options on this list have been a bit of a blend between skincare and makeup. Are you looking for a skincare only subscription box?  

Well, we’ll do even better than that. How about a Korean skincare beauty box? Korean skincare is considered the pinnacle of the skincare world at the moment, with innovative technologies and a focus on clear, healthy skin. 

FaceTory brings that to us in a neat subscription bundle. You can choose between the monthly plan or the quarterly plan. The monthly plan includes 7 face masks and 1 or 2 bonus items. The quarterly plan includes 5-6 skincare products and 5-6 sheet masks. There is free shipping available for both plans to US addresses. 

This is the ultimate skin subscription box for the Korean beauty junkie! 

12. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus skincare

“Personalized beauty products straight to your door.”- Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

The Price:

$25 per month 

Box Specs: 

We mentioned the wonderful Ipsy as a great option for your skincare subscription. The Ipsy Glam Bag Plus takes things a step further. 

The Ipsy Glam Bag Plus contains 5 full-sized products; 3 of which you can customize. This costs $25 per month.  
Plans are flexible in terms of the rolling rate and there is free shipping! If you want to take things up a notch, the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus could be the one for you. 

13. Beauty Heroes

Beauty Heroes

“We define healthy beauty.” – Beauty Heroes

The Price:

$58.95 per month

Box Specs:  

For those of you looking for a natural skin care subscription box, this may be the one for you. This is more of a membership to Beauty Heroes which enables you to get discounts off their natural beauty catalog. 

As a bonus, you get a monthly box of goodies from the spotlight natural skincare brand of the month. The box typically includes one full-sized product and deluxe samples to experiment with from the highlighted brand of the month. 

Members save 15% on the rest of the catalog, so this membership can save you big bucks in the long run if you are a natural skincare fan. 

14. Kinder Beauty Box

Kinder Box skincare

“Clean ingredients for healthy skin.” – Kinder Beauty Box

The Price:

$26 per month

Box Specs:  

This is another natural skincare box, only this time the focus is on vegan beauty. Finding vegan skincare products has never been so easy thanks to the Kinder Beauty Box.

Each box contains $95 worth of vegan, cruelty-free skincare that is meant to nourish your skin with clean ingredients. At least two of the products are full-sized and all their partner brands are vetted for their ethical standards.  

This is a beautiful choice for all skincare lovers but particularly those who want a fully vegan beauty routine. 

15. Petit Vour

Petit Vour

“Clean. Kind. Curated.” – Petit Vour

The Price:

$18 per month 

Box Specs:  

Staying firmly on the clean beauty train, we are thrilled to introduce you to Petit Vour. They describe themselves as an activist-driven beauty box for the modern, cruelty-free lifestyle.

That is a powerful ethos that they carry throughout their activities.  Each month you will receive 4 products from makeup to skincare, haircare, and body care.  

This monthly box introduces you to ethical skincare and beauty brands that you’ll surely love!

16. BoxyLuxe

BoxyLuxe skincare

“8 items including makeup, skincare, hair tools, and lifestyle must-haves.” – BoxyLuxe

The Price:

$49.99 per quarter

Box Specs:  

BoxyLuxe is the big sister of the simple BoxyCharm box. You can upgrade your March, June, September, and/or December standard BoxyCharm box to the luxe at any time.

This is if you want to receive more full-sized products from the premium makeup and skincare brands out there. The last BoxyLuxe box was valued at $455! 

With your quarterly subscription, you get 8 high-priced luxury skincare and beauty items for way less than you would pay at Sephora. Sounds good to us! 

17. FaceGenius


“The future of skincare is here.” – FaceGenius

The Price:

From $30 per month 

Box Specs:  

FaceGenius is the new breed of skin subscription services. They have an app that enables you to use your smartphone to scan your skin. From this, it diagnoses your problem areas, such as fine lines and wrinkles, oil content, pore size, and/or anything you may be stressed about. 

From there, their resident dermatologists will review your results and send out a personalized pack of skincare products each month!  

Quite a cool system, right? 

There are two plans available. The Night Plan includes a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer for $30 per month. The Morning & Night Plan includes the same number of products but in larger quantities for $50 per month. Both plans include full-sized products and free shipping! 

18. BeautyFIX


“Try It, Love It, Shop It.” – BeautyFIX

The Price:

$24.95 per month

Box Specs:  

BeautyFIX is the brainchild of the Dermstore. Dermstore sells a wide range of skincare, makeup, and body care products which they curate just for you in the BeautyFIX box.

Each month you’ll receive 6 products, valued at over $100 in total. Considering the value of the box and the caliber of the brands Dermstore hosts, the BeautyFIX box is a steal!

19. Boxwalla Beauty Subscription Box

Boxwalla skincare

 “For the luxury-loving skincare nerd.” – Boxwella Beauty

The Price:

$49.95 per month 

Box Specs: 

The Boxwalla Beauty Box is all about luxury products. These high-end beauty items are the perfect treat for your skincare regime.  

This skincare subscription box is sent every other month and contains 2-3 full-sized products to dive into. The items they send are sure to be unique, luxurious, and special! 

They offer free US shipping, and you can cancel at any time. We love it! 

20. Tribe Beauty Box

Tribe Beauty Box skincare

 “Treat yourself to the best of indie beauty.” – Tribe Beauty Box

The Price:

$34.99 bi-monthly

Box Specs:  

The Tribe Beauty Box centers itself on indie makeup and skincare brands to amplify their reach. If you want access to beauty brands that very few get to know, this is the box for you!  

You will be sent 5 full-sized products every two months. These are mostly makeup items, so do bear this in mind if you’re looking for a skincare subscription box only.

They do include some skin or body care every month, but makeup is the focus here. 

21. New Beauty TestTube

New Beauty Test tube

 “The first-ever beauty sampling subscription.” – New Beauty TestTube

The Price:

$29.95 bi-monthly 

Box Specs:  

New Beauty TestTube is a truly unique system. It is a pure skincare sample box, not just sampling new products to you, but new products to everyone.  

This is a bi-monthly box that contains a mix of full and travel-sized products that are fresh on the market. 

The idea is to sample the newest brands out there and give them a test run before anyone else. It’s quite exciting for those who like to be ahead of the skincare game.  

22. Clean Beauty Box

The Clean Beauty Box

 “The Best of Clean Beauty.”- Clean Beauty Box

The Price:

From $41.95/box 

Box Specs: 

In the clean beauty subscription box realm, you are spoilt for choice! Clean Beauty Box is a beautiful, high-end, natural skincare box that we know you’ll love.  

You receive this box bi-monthly and can choose how your billing plan works. You can pay for one single month, pay for two months, or pay annually. There are savings to be had at each tier.  

Each box contains 2-3 full-sized, luxury clean beauty products. Treat yourself! 

23. Cocotique


 “Best beauty subscription box for women of color.” – Cocotique

The Price:

$24.99 per month

Box Specs:  

It is often the case that skincare and makeup subscription boxes are not quite right for all skin tones and skin types. Sometimes a beauty box works best if it’s a little more specialized, and Cocotique fulfills that role in spades for women of color. 

With a curated box just for black women, the products are based around your skin and hair type, so you can be sure that the beauty products have a better chance of working for you.  

You’ll also be supporting a black female-owned business. Each box contains 5-8 full and travel-sized products curated just for you.

The billing plans are super flexible and free shipping is a given. This is a great choice for black women who struggle to find beauty products that work well for their skin type and skin tone. 

24. Beauteque Beauty Box

Beauteque box

 “Calling all K-Beauty enthusiasts!” – Beauteque Beauty Box  

The Price:

$24 per month 

Box Specs:  

Beauteque Beauty Box is the ultimate K-Beauty box on the market. The latest Korean beauty and skincare products are packed into this gorgeous set and delivered to your door monthly.  

The box contains a selection of full-sized products and you receive it on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time and there are flexible billing plans to choose from. This beauty box is a real treat.  

Final Thoughts 

Skincare is deeply personal, which is why there is a wonderful selection of skincare subscription boxes for all skin tones and skin types out there. For women of color wanting a more specialized beauty box, Cocotique is perfect.  

Looking for vegan beauty? Then you have great choices like the Kinder Box. For K-beauty fans, Beauteque and FaceTory give you access to the latest and greatest. Then you have the all-rounders, like Look Fantastic, that will let you dip your toes into a bit of everything.  

Whatever you choose, we hope this article was helpful in finding the right skincare monthly box for you.  

If you need more subscription boxes, make sure to browse all the other categories that FiveBoxes has to offer. Have you read our list of the best fitness subscription boxes?

Take a look and keep yourself informed about the best subscription boxes with FiveBoxes.

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