14 Fun Toy Subscription Boxes for Kids in 2022

We know your little ones need a lot. From clothes and diapers, to bottles and everything in between, it can be expensive and overwhelming before you’ve even considered toys! Kids love variety and you can take out all the hassle of choosing new toys with a Toy Subscription box.

After all, who loves getting a surprise in the mail more than a small child? Plus, there are so many options to choose from.

That is why FiveBoxes curated some of the most popular and best-selling toy subscription boxes meant to help your child discover, learn, and develop. Keep your little ones occupied and bring the fun to your door month after month

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1. Little Passports

Little Passports

“An array of creative and fun ways to discover the world.” – Little Passports

The cost:


Box specs:

Spark your child’s curiosity for culture with this global subscription box. With several options for different age ranges, subscriptions include hands-on activities and information to learn about a new country each month.

Subscribed “explorers” learn about world themes like music and oceans and anything else that could get them thinking and learning. With this toy crate, your little one is bound to expand their horizons.

Some other examples of included goodies? A wall-sized world map, bright orange suitcase, stickers, and an activity booklet.

2. KiwiCo


“Inspiring young innovators.” – KiwiCo

The price:

$19.95/month for any box or $16.95/month when you commit to a yearly subscription

Box Specs:

You might remember us mentioning KiwiCo before, in the article about best kids subscription boxes.

KiwiCo is a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) subscription box for kids, offering 6 lines for kids and teens of different ages.

These include the Tadpole Crate, geared towards newborns up to 36 months, up to the Eureka Crate, meant for ages 14 and up.

According to KiwiCo’s website, each box is meant to inspire young inventors, artists, makers, and scientists with monthly hands-on educational projects.

With this monthly kids subscription service, there’s plenty of ever-changing themes and content to be sure your child never gets bored with learning.

3. Raddish Kids

Raddish Kids

“A cooking club for kids!” – Raddish Kids

The price:

$24/month with options to save with longer subscriptions

Box Specs:

Raddish Kids is a monthly kids’ subscription for cooking, baking, and creating, geared towards ages 4-14!

Each box includes three illustrated recipe cards, laminated with step-by-step instructions for things like Pesto Pasta Salad or Swedish Meatballs.

The box also comes with a “featured kitchen tool,” and a grocery shopping list. Kids will also learn about options for dietary substitutions.

Raddish Kids allows parents the flexibility of add-ons, with additional aprons, apron patches, and kitchen tools for additional monthly charges.

Important: As advertised on Raddish Kids’ website, recipe modifications for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free diets are available.

4. Bitsbox


“Teach your kids to love coding.” – Bitsbox

The price:


Box specs:

Have a little tech genius at home? Bitsbox is a learning system and a monthly subscription box that teaches kids to code! The best part? This works even for the youngest children who have zero experience with any sort of coding.

Subscribers will receive a box in the mail or an emailed PDF (depending on which subscription tier you sign up for) that teaches kids ages 6-12 new computer coding projects.

Each box introduces a new computer science concept. Kids are able to look through the materials and choose a project ranging from simple to more advanced.

With hundreds of different projects to choose from, kids will never run out of innovative and educational opportunities!

5. Toy Library

Toy Library

“Why buy when you can borrow?” – Toy Library

The price:


Box specs:

This toy subscription service is switching things up – for just $12.50 a month, subscribers can choose from a library of over 500 toys.

Each month, you’ll receive credits that you can redeem when you select a toy to “borrow.”

Subscribers can keep the toys as long as they’d like and send them back once their child is done (note: each toy is cleaned and sanitized prior to being shipped out, however you may want to keep-up-to-date to any COVID-19 related changes).

6. Little Dreamers Club

Little Dreamers Club

“Create something awesome together.” – Little Dreamers Club

The price:


Box specs:

This kids subscription box is designed to tap into your little ones’ creative side.

Each box is themed, for example, a Dinosaur Box or Solar System Box, changing monthly to keep your kids engaged in learning new and exciting content each month.

It also includes kid-tested projects the whole family can get involved with. Included in each kit: a top-rated “must-have” book and art supplies to get children thinking and learning.

Plus this is a great box not just for your child, but for the whole family to get involved in!

7. Brick Loot

Brick Loot

“Created by a kid for your kid!” – Brick Loot

The price:


Box specs:

Have a creative one at home who loves legos? Brick Loot is the perfect subscription for your kid!

Started by a then 9-year-old lego lover, this box is constantly incorporating new pieces each month, the same way your child is probably looking for a new toy.

Each monthly shipment includes a collection of not-your-ordinary legos and building bricks. Not only do these boxes include staple building pieces, but all sorts of accessories and other unique pieces bound to have your child thinking creatively and outside of the box.

8. Surprise Ride

Surprise Ride

“Hours of pre-planned activities at your door.” – Surprise Ride

The price:

$20/first box (renews at $24.95/month)

Box specs:

Tired of looking for ways to keep your little ones occupied? Well, you don’t have to with Surprise Ride! The purpose of this toy of the month club is to take away the hassle of scrambling to plan ahead from day today.

Instead of putting all your time and effort into curating these days of play, Surprise Ride hands over a collection of ideas and supplies needed to put together a fun and easy activity!

Each box is themed, including the activity, a book, a snack, and all the fun! (Bonus: this makes a great gift for any little one in your life!).

9. Girls Can! Crate

Girls Can! Crate

“A monthly subscription for fearless girls.” – Girl Can! Crate

The price:


Box specs:

This toy subscription crate aims to inspire—specifically by showing young girls (or boys) some of the inspiring and diverse women who have done great things in history.

Each box is themed after a different hero in history, complete with an activity book and 2-3 monthly hands-on STEM activities centered around their accomplishments.

Subscribers will also receive a fun Girl Can! Crate tote bag in their first box, with additional items such as buttons, inspiration tips, and more each month to keep the excitement alive.

10. Wonder Create

Wonder Crate

“Inspiration delivered.” – Wonder Crate

The price:


Box specs:

The mission of Wonder Crate is to “inspire the next generation of change-makers.” So how do they do it?

Each month, subscribers will receive a hands-on activity, a biography about a person that reflects each box theme, and a monthly guide for parents (the first month also includes a cute tote or lunch box).

Through Wonder Crate, kids will be introduced to influential people like Jane Goodall, Serena Williams, Bill Gates or Martin Luther King Jr. Pick a category to receive like scientists or athletes, or sign up for the Combo Series and receive some of it all!

11. Lillypost


“Bond with your little one, one book at a time.” – Lillypost

The price:


Box specs:

This subscription box for kids is meant to encourage your children to read. With three subscription offerings and books ranging from newborns up to seven years old, there’s a book meant to be read by everyone.

Every month subscribers will receive a shipment of board books, picture books, or both, depending on their subscription preferences. Each book is also wrapped, meant to be as exciting as opening a new present!

The best part? Subscriptions allow Lillypost to donate books to children in need!

To find more suggestions of kids book clubs click here.

12. Toy Box Monthly

Toy Box Monthly

“Toys, surprises, and fun all in one neat package.” –  Toy Box Monthly

The price:


Box specs:

This monthly toy subscription brings a delivery full of unique and exctiting toys to your doorstep!

Every month, you’ll discover the latest toys from brands you may love or are just learning about—all for one low price.

Each box is hand-curated on a monthly basis and includes 4-6 items, so there will be plenty inside to keep your child occupied from month to month.

When you subscribe, you also choose if you’d like toys from the boy or girl category, making it easy to curate.

13. Amazon Stem

Amazon Stem Club

“Hands-on and engineered for fun to get kids excited.” – Amazon STEM Club

The price:


Box specs:

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—and Amazon is bringing these learning building blocks to your doorstep!

With this subscription service for kids, Amazon’s experts choose STEM-related toys from leading brands.

There are subscription options for every age bracket, from 3-4-year-olds, 5-7-year-olds, and 8-13-year-olds.

With Amazon’s easy subscription service, it’s also easy to cancel your subscription or cancel it at any time through your normal Amazon account.

14. Lovevery


“Designed by experts for your child’s developing brain.” – Lovevery

The price:


Box specs:

What’s better than your child playing and learning at the same time? That’s the goal of this baby toy subscription box.

By signing up with your child’s age and development stage, Lovevery will recommend a play kit designed for them.

All products are reviewed by child development experts, so you can be sure it’s perfect for your child, no matter what stage they’re at!

The quality of these toys is also important, as the company says every toy is made with only baby-safe quality items.

You can also find here more baby & toddler subscription boxes.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your child’s age or development stage, there is a subscription box out there perfect for your family and your little one.

While there are hundreds of toy subscription boxes meant for children on the market, this list is meant to ensure your child is just as excited in month one as he is in month ten.

Our choices were made based on the variety, pricing, customer service, and flexibility of each toy subscription service. For example, those that are able to easily be cancelled or adjusted, because we know your life is always changing too!

If you try any of these toy subscription services or toy of the month clubs, let us know what your experiences are—good, bad or anything in-between!

In addition, let us know if we missed one of your favorite toy subscriptions! Share with us what your little ones are loving!

And while you are here, check out our other top subscription services lists, for example, our best tea subscription boxes and clubs for 2022.

From clothes, jewelry, food, and beyond, we are researching and trying them all! Whether you are looking for a monthly surprise or a casual gift to a loved one, FiveBoxes is always here to help you discover your options and make the best choice!

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