Style Your House with 20 Unique Home Décor Subscription Boxes in 2022

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From tabletop items and décor pieces to cleaning supplies and candles, we know there’s a lot that goes into making your house a home. That’s why there are so many unique subscription boxes on the market, perfect for whatever style you’re looking for.

With a subscription to one of our picks, you’ll be ready to refresh your home with each monthly delivery! Take a peek and browse everything from perfect host or hostess items or seasonal items that spruce up your space—with a home décor subscription, it’s easy to refresh your space as often as you’d like!

Here are FiveBoxes top 20 best home décor subscription ideas.

1. Decocrated


“Seasonal. Stylish. Home décor delivered to your door.” – Decocrated

The Price:


Box Specs:

When you’re looking to give your home a seasonal spruce-up, look no further than a subscription to Decocrated.

Every shipment includes a handful of 6 to 8 hand-picked pieces to give your home a fresh new vibe, for example, a vase, tabletop item, wall décor and more.

These are for the small details of your home, but ones that will make a big difference as you head into each new season. Your home will always feel fresh!

2. GlobeIn


“Unique Artisan Goods, Delivered to You Monthly.” – GlobeIn

The Price:


Box Specs:

We know it’s difficult to travel right now, but that’s why GlobeIn is the perfect way to experience the world—all with an easy delivery right to your door.

Each shipment is valued up to $150, complete with ethical home goods from around the world. Each item included is handmade in small batches from an extraordinary creator from around the world.

The goal with a GlobeIn subscription: make your home as unique as all of their products! Every box includes 4 to 5 items.

3. Enjoy Flowers

Enjoy Flowers

“Every day is an occasion to celebrate the people you love!” – Enjoy Flowers

The Price:


Box Specs:

With options ranging from DIY, Farm Fresh, or Signature subscriptions, you’ll always have fresh flowers in your home with this home goods monthly box.

More importantly, we love the DIY option that actually sends you everything you need and step-by-step instructions to assemble your own bouquet for any space in your home.

Each subscription also allows you to decide between a small, medium, or large bouquet and the frequency of your deliveries.

Each box contains 1 bouquet per delivery (bi-weekly or monthly).



“Discover the best socially-conscious products.” – CauseBox

The Price:


Box Specs:

You may remember CauseBox from the Best Subscription Boxes for Women. If sustainability is important in your home, you can feel good about CauseBox for multiple reasons. First of all, each shipment includes a handful of great sustainable and ethical items for your home.

From smart skincare to steel water bottles and everything in between, this home goods subscription box lets you customize some of your favorite items.

In addition, a membership to CauseBox gives you access to the exclusive market stocked with other feel-good items, so you don’t have to anxiously wait for your next shipment to feel good about your purchases.

5. The Sill

The Sill Box

“Celebrate with plants and botanicals bursting with fresh blooms.” – The Sill

The Price:


Box Specs:

This wellness subscription box knows that plants make people happy. That’s why we mentioned it in FiveBoxes list of best self-care subscription boxes.

Starting at $42 per month, this indoor plant box includes shipping and will deliver a new plant ready to be cared for.

We personally love the Beginner Bundle, which is a great jumpstart whether you’re new to the whole plant world or already consider yourself an expert plant-parent.

The bundle includes potting mix, lava rocks, a watering can, and a snake plant (a great starter plant!). It even includes the pot to get you started.

6. Trumans

Trumans Box

“Strong, non-toxic cleaning products at a fair price.” – Trumans

The Price:


Box Specs:

We know you love to decorate your home, but what about when it comes time to clean it?

Trumans is a brand of all non-toxic cleaning supplies for your home—from dish soap and sponges to toilet cleaner and laundry detergent.

When you become a member, you’ll pay $29 per shipment and can schedule it to auto ship based on your needs.

7. Urban Stems

Urban Stems

“Fresh florals that symbolize growth and renewal.” – Urban Stems

The Price:


Box Specs:

Urban Stems is perfect for the household that loves some fresh flowers. With a choice between the Classic, Seasonal or Luxe subscription, you’ll receive a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers delivered weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Going out of town? No problem. Make adjustments, skip deliveries, or change the frequency any time you need. Bonus: your first delivery will come with a complimentary glass vase.

Each delivery sends you one flower bouquet.

8. House Plant Box

House Plant Box

“Get a Dose of Plant-Happiness Delivered Every Month.” – House Plant Box

The Price:


Box Specs:

Get a unique houseplant delivered to your door each month to spruce up your home’s décor! With this home goods monthly box, you can choose from so many different boxes, from the beginner box to the pet-friendly box all the way to succulents-only boxes.

This is a great gift for the plant lover in your life or just an awesome way to dip your toes in the world of a house plant obsession.

All plants are delivered with a 30 day guarantee, so you know you’re always receiving a healthy, beautiful addition to your home. 

There is one plant per box (there is a seed subscription that will send you enough seeds for a few pots).

9. Nest New York

Nest New York

“Scent your world with a different fragrance every month.” – Nest New York

The Price:

Candles and gift box prices vary.

Box Specs:

Who doesn’t want their home to smell its absolute best? Look no further than Nest New York. All of the candles, diffusers and other products offered through their site are high quality and unique—perfect for whatever vibe matches your home and its décor.

Gift a friend one of their themed gift boxes or add one to your order for a flat $5 fee (free for any order over $100). While Nest New York doesn’t offer any sort of subscription service, their products make our list simply because everyone needs a go-to when it comes to the best scents on the market.

10. Hygge Box

Hygge Box Home

“Embrace life’s simple pleasures and bring the Danish lifestyle of cozy happiness into your home.” – Hygge Box

The Price:


Box Specs:

Hygge Box is all about comfort. This is a great pamper subscription box, bringing all sorts of handpicked and comfortable goods and items right to your door.

There are two options: the standard or the deluxe box. The deluxe box in particular is stuffed with coziness, including products meant to support your self-care routines and an overall comfy lifestyle.

There are 4-5 items in the standard box, 5-7 in the deluxe box.

11. Teak and Twine

Teak And Twine

“We make gift boxes that people share.” – Teak and Twine

The Price:


Box Specs:

Teak and Twine is the ultimate supplier of all things gift boxes. Whether you’re shopping for a friend or family member, a corporate event, special occasion, or anything else in between, these boxes are curated with the best products and sleek, trendy packaging.

You can choose from premade boxes, including The Spa Day Box, New Home Box, Foodie Box, or a handful of others, or even customize your own! Every box comes with 2 to 6 items.

12. Art Crate

Art Crate

“Elevate your home décor with curated art.” – Art Crate

The Price:


Box Specs:

With a subscription to Art Crate, you can get into the process of styling and decorating your home. This home décor subscription box knows that art can be expensive and difficult to find.

That’s why Art Crate makes it easy and affordable! Your assigned curator will help you put together a collection of art that compliments what you already love about your home and style choices.

In total you will receive 1 print per month. There are eight subscription options to choose from, small to XL prints.

13. Habitation Box

Habitation Box

“Designer approved décor to your door.” – Habitation Box

The Price:


Box Specs:

When you’re ready to make your house a home, look no further than the Habitation Box. Each month, curated interior designers will send you a handful of awesome pieces to modernize and decorate your home—most of which fall into Habitation Box’s focus on ethical resourcing.

Most of the items included in this subscription are neutral and could fit into any space, despite your style or color palette. They’re also all items that are made of high-quality materials.

You will get 4-9 items per box, depending on subscription choice.

14. Women’s Collective Box

Women's Collective Box

“Where women from all walks of life unite to rise and shine – together.” – Women’s Collective Box

The Price:


Box Specs:

Women’s Collective Box is a quarterly subscription box bringing awareness to the great women-owned companies of the world.

When you subscribe, you’ll receive an assortment of 5 to 8 fun and unique items exclusively from companies founded and run by powerful and creative women.

Items are said to be curated based on what “represents the thoughtfulness, resolve, and artistry that set women apart.” Each box also includes a mini-magazine that highlights these companies each month.

15. Dorothy Jean

Dorothy Jean Decor

“A monthly home décor subscription box that surpasses all of your expectations for home décor.” – Dorothy Jean Décor

The Price:


Box Specs:

If the vibe of your home is that farmhouse or vintage chic, this home goods subscription box is for you. Each month, Dorothy Jean Décor will send a bond filled with timeless pieces meant to amp up the vintage feel of your home.

Whether it’s tabletop items to wall décor or textiles, the simplicity of these items will make them a timeless addition to the character of your home. Each box comes with 5 to 8 items.

16. Project Home DIY

Project Home DIY

“Skip the store, delivered to your door.” – Project Home DIY

The Price:


Box Specs:

A subscription to this home décor monthly box brings the fun of crafting your décor right to your doorstep. Included in these monthly deliveries is all of the supplies and materials you need to make your very own DIY home décor piece.

You may need some tape or a simple screwdriver, but first-time subscribers will also receive a starter box when they first join that includes a full box of essential tools for future projects. This makes decorating your home fun and, regardless of your level of DIY, Project Home DIY makes it easy.

Each box contains all of the items needed for one DIY décor item.

17. Mostess


“Curated home goods & styling services.” – Mostess

The Price:


Box Specs:

Mostess is a female-founded, independently owned, and operated home décor subscription box. When you subscribe, you’ll get four seasonal boxes per year.

Each season, a new themed box is unveiled that includes items such as tableware, cocktail ingredients, bar cart accessories, and more—think of everything you need to be the best hostess!

Plus, every box also includes a Mostess Booklet that offers recipes, home decorating tips, and other tips to make your space hostess-ready! Each box contains over 9+ items.

18. Home Made Luxe

Home Made Luxe

“Gorgeous Home Décor Craft Kits Delivered to You.” – Home Made Luxe

The Price:


Box Specs:

Love a craft? No matter what stage you’re in your inner interior designer journey, you’ll love the opportunities Home Made Luxe sends to your doorstep each month.

As a subscriber, you’ll receive a monthly DIY meant to spruce up your space. From macrame crafts to wreath making and everything in between, get excited to put your own creativity into your home.

While you aren’t able to choose your monthly project, you will have access to easy-to-follow video tutorials and all of the supplies needed to bring your craft to life.

Each box contains all of the supplies you need to complete one DIY home craft per month.

19. Planty Dropper

Planty Dropper

“We Drop Plants At Your Door.” – Planty Dropper

The Price:


Box Specs:

Planty Dropper’s website says it all: “a houseplant subscription box for people with black thumbs.” If you’re not gardening on the regular, take advantage of the welcome questionnaire this home subscription box has you take to help curate plants that make sense for your level of expertise.

The questionnaire includes questions about you, your home, your plant needs, and more to make sure you’re satisfied with your monthly deliveries.

There are three subscription levels to choose from, sending 1-3 houseplants in each box. In addition, we love that this company will plant 21 trees on your behalf when you sign up and each additional month you stay subscribed.

There are 1-3 houseplants per box, including necessary accessories depending on subscription.

20. Norsebox


“The Nordic Design Subscription.” – Norsebox

The Price:


Box Specs:

We love Norse because the timeless appeal of these pieces is meant to transform your space into a relaxing home. This home décor subscription uses Nordic-inspired décor to amp up your interior design skills. Past boxes have included items such as beautiful vases, bread bowls, or handmade coffee mugs.

These are meant to be subtle, neutral accent pieces, which we know every home needs to really tie everything together. Quality definitely overhauls quantity with this box, which we can appreciate. There are 1-5 items per box.

Final Thoughts

Our choices for these boxes were made based on the variety of décor items included, variety of items and available options, customization, pricing, customer service, and flexibility of each subscription service. For example, subscription services that allow for adjustments or cancellations–because we know your life or inspiration is always changing too!

If you try any of these home décor subscriptions, let us know what your experiences are—good, bad or anything in-between! In addition, let us know if we missed one of your favorite home décor box subscriptions! We are always looking for unique boxes or subscriptions—the more the merrier!

And while you are here, check out our other top subscription services lists and review. No matter what you’re looking for, we have it all! For example, check out our latest subscription list: 22 Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes.

Don’t forget: from clothes, jewelry, food, and beyond, we are doing our research and bring you what matters. We do the heavy lifting so you can subscribe and enjoy each month! Whether you are looking for a monthly surprise for yourself or a creative and clever gift to a loved one, FiveBoxes is always here to help you discover your options and make the best choice!

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