14 Best Gardening and Plant Subscription Boxes in 2022

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Gardening and houseplants are all the rage right now. All of a sudden those who have never been able to keep a cactus alive are now experts at snake plants, monsters, and peace lilies.  

This new fascination with all things natural is amazing. It can completely change your environment, and subsequently your mental health, to bring the outside in. Or get outside and plant new things in your garden if you have one.  

So this article is for all the newly green-fingered. A plant subscription box can introduce you to new plants that you’ll fall in love with! 

Check out FiveBoxes best plant subscription boxes in 2022.

1. PlantBoxs 


“Farm curated plants delivered straight to your home” – PlantBoxs

The Price:

From $34.95 per month 

Box Specs: 

We end on a high note with PlantBoxs. These plant subscription boxes are lovingly packaged with sustainable plants. It’s all curated around the beginner planter who wants to learn more about plants.  

You can choose between 3 different boxes. A small-medium-sized box containing smaller plants for $34.95 per month. A mixed-size box for $49.95 per month. Or a large plant box for $69.95. You get one new plant per month and plenty of information on how to care for it.  

You can expect a mix of succulents, snake plants, and cacti that are all easy to care for. This is the ultimate beginner-friendly plant box! 

2. Succulent Studio

Succulent Studios

“Grown with love and shipped with care.” – Succulent Studio

The Price:

$10 per month + shipping 

Box Specs: 

Succulents are a favorite of many houseplant enthusiasts. They are easy to look after and incredibly beautiful. So a succulent plant subscription box is an ideal gift to a loved one or yourself if you love succulents.  

The subscription includes 2 new succulents per month for just $10 plus shipping. Inexpensive and fun, this plant box subscription will bring a smile to any succulent lover’s face. 

3. The Plant Club

The Plant Club

“Every Plant Has A Story!” – The Plant Club

The Price:

$36 per month 

Box Specs: 

The Plant Club is a great plant subscription box for discovering new plants. It’s a small independent company run by people with a passion for houseplants.  

Each box contains a new houseplant variety delivered straight to your door. It includes a hand-illustrated instruction leaflet to understand how to care for each variety too. As each houseplant has specific needs to ensure it thrives!  

You can get some beautiful flower inclusions and a stylish planter with each box too. This one is a nice way of mixing up your houseplant collection. 

4. House Plant Box

The House Plant Box

“Home is where my plants are” – House Plant Box

The Price:

From $15.99 

Box Specs: 

House Plant Box is perfect for those wanting more variety. There is a range of different subscriptions to choose from. The Indoor House Plant box is only $15.99 per month including free shipping. But we’d like to highlight the Seasonal Garden box for $34.99.  

A garden subscription box that sends you fresh herbs and vegetables to grow from home! It’s a unique offering that makes a great gift too. 

5. My Garden Box

My Garden Box

“Fun, easy, and rewarding garden projects!” – My Garden Box

The Price:

$35.50 per month 

Box Specs: 

My Garden Box is made for outdoor gardeners! This is a soothing activity box you can do alone or with the whole family.

Each month you’ll receive a new plant and step-by-step instructions to help it grow. These are mostly outdoor plants and will require some outdoor space to fully enjoy. 

6. Leaf & Clay

Leaf & Clay

“Hundreds of succulents at your fingertips.” – Leaf & Clay

The Price:

From $24 per month 

Box Specs: 

Leaf & Clay create succulent plant subscription boxes that are unique and beautiful. They make amazing gifts!

You can choose from a wide range of box options depending on the size or even species that you want most. Pick between 4-packs, 6-packs and 12-packs. 

We like this option because it’s so flexible. Flexible shipment frequencies and box sizes make it a highly customizable plant box. 

7. Bloomin‘ Bin

bloomin bin

“A gardening subscription box for all skill levels” – Bloomin Bin

The Price:

From $6 per month 

Box Specs: 

Bloomin’ Bin is a garden subscription box offering seed packs for proficient gardeners. You can choose how many seed packs you get on a monthly basis. There are 2, 4, 6 and 8 packs available.

Also, you can pick whether you’re most interested in growing fruits and veggies or flowers (or both!) 

8. Urban Organic Gardener

urban organic gardener

“Mystery Seed Club by Urban Organic Gardener” – Urban Organic Gardener

The Price:

From $14.83 per month 

Box Specs: 

Urban Organic Gardener is a seed club for gardeners of all kinds. Whether you have a balcony, a backyard or just windowsills, you can get a customized box of seeds delivered straight to your door.  

Each shipment contains 5 seed packs and instructions on how to grow them successfully. Packs also include plant markers, gardening supplies and more to support your gardening hobby! 

9. The Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club

the fresh cut flower of the month club

“A Professionally Designed Seasonal Bouquet, cut just days before you receive it.” – The Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club  

The Price:

$38.95 per month 

Box Specs: 

For those wanting a fresh bouquet of flowers every month, this is the flower subscription box for you! Each month you’ll get a beautifully designed bouquet of flowers delivered straight to you.

They’ll be freshly cut so that you can enjoy them for the most amount of time. You’ll learn so much about the different flower varieties with this subscription. It’s the perfect gift for a flower lover. 

10. Air Plants Monthly

air plants monthly

“Beautiful, unique air plants that are easy to care for and delivered straight to your door!” – Air Plants Monthly

The Price:

$17.99 per month 

Box Specs: 

Air plants are wonderful for those wanting something a little different. They also tend to be cheaper than larger houseplant staples like monsteras and even succulents.  

Air Plants Monthly offers an air plant subscription box containing everything you need to become an air plant fanatic. The box contains a minimum of 4 moderately-sized plants that can reproduce pup plants too. Each box is a complete surprise with different seasonal varieties.  

11. The Succulent Source

The Succulent Source

“Five handpicked unique succulents delivered each month.” – The Succulent Source

The Price:

$27 per month 

Box Specs: 

This is another succulent plant box subscription that houseplant lovers will enjoy. This box includes 5 unique succulents each month. With over 60 varieties available, you can count on having a good varied mix each month.  

Well packaged and well-reviewed, this is a great gift for a fan of succulents.  

12. The Sill

The Sill Plant Subscription

“We’re here to make it easy to surround yourself with the plants you’ll love to come home to.” – The Sill

The Price:

From $60 per month 

Box Specs: 

The Sill started as an NYC-based online plant business that has since gone nationwide. There is a shop available but the plant subscription boxes are pretty great.

There are two boxes on offer. The Classic box includes one easy-to-care-for plant in a 6inch planter with a 7inch ceramic dish. The Pet-Friendly box is very similar but specifically for those plant parents who are pet parents. Free shipping as standard!  

This is a great option for beginner houseplant enthusiasts who want to discover new plants every month. 

13. Knock! Knock!

Knock Knock

“Hey Knock knock! Plants here!” – Knock! Knock!

The Price:

$65 three times per year 

Box Specs: 

Knock Knock! Is a unique flower subscription box. Unlike the others so far on this list, it’s all about bringing seasonal bright blooms to your doorstep. Each shipment has two flower varieties that are bound to stun your neighbors.  

Free shipping is included and you’re sent new florals three times per year. You can even set your sunlight exposure so that you receive customized flower varieties perfect for your home or garden.  

14. Hey Horti

Hey Horti

“Happy plants, happy you” – Hey Horti

The Price:

From $20 per month 

Box Specs: 

Hey Horti is a fun plant subscription with tons of personalization. You can choose to receive shipments every month, 6 months, or 12 months. The longer the subscription term, the larger the shipment of plant goodies.

Each plant comes in a terracotta planter in designs that you can pre-set too. You can also specify if you need pet-friendly plants or beginner-friendly plants.

It’s a great all-around plant box subscription for all kinds of plant hobbyists. 

Final Thoughts

There is such great variety for garden and houseplant hobbyists on the market nowadays. The Sill is a fan favorite because of the stylish packaging and great range of plants available.

However, for something a little different, the House Plant Box range gives you a lot of options that you don’t see from other companies.

The Seasonal Garden box is super unique. It’s so fun to grow fresh herbs and veggies from home!  

You can find more home care subscription boxes in FiveBoxes website, like the best home decor boxes here.

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