14 Best Beer Subscription Boxes: craft beer, IPA beer, and more (reviews & top picks for 2022)

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Last updated on Jan 10, 2022

Drinking unique, craft beers in the comfort of your home has never been easier. With a beer subscription box, you can get rare and hard-to-find craft beer delivered right to your front door.

Whether you want to choose exactly what you get in your monthly beer box, or would prefer to have beer professionals hand-select and surprise you, there is a beer club just for you. 

These boxes will make the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, weddings, or any other reason you have to buy a beer lover a thoughtful gift.

Not sure which box is right for you? No problem! Here at FiveBoxes we’ve got you covered and are certain we found one that will fit your beer-drinking needs perfectly.

1. Tavour 

Tavour Beer

“The tastiest way to explore the world from the comfort of your home.”Tavour

The Price: 

6 bottles = $55-$65/ month + free shipping
12 bottles = $90-$115/ month + free shipping

Box Specs: 

Tavour is a craft beer subscription service known for delivering rare craft beer that would likely be unavailable to you in your area. They are constantly adding new beer selections, making each month’s delivery day a highly anticipated one. Exciting!

This service works by downloading their app and filling out your beer tasting profile. Their beer-loving staff will then select an assortment of 6 or 12 highly-rated beers they think you’ll love, based on your beer preferences. 

You can choose a subscription that ships every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months.

2. Beer Drop

Beer Drop

“Personalized boxes of beers you’ll love.” – Beer Drop

The Price:

$39.99 – $64.99/ month plus $5 shipping

Box Specs:

Beer Drop is one of the best monthly beer subscription boxes we’ve tried to date. All the beers come from 1 of 100 different Colorado breweries.

Subscribing is quick, easy, and surprisingly affordable. The first thing you get to do is pick out 5 different styles of beer you enjoy. If your beer tastes are limited to one style (only sours for example) you can just select sours 5 times. 

 Each monthly shipment contains:

3. Craft Beer Kings

Craft Beer Kings

“We’re the only place you’ll ever have to go to for all your craft beer needs.” – Craft Beer Kings

 The Price: 

6 cans = $59.99 + free shipping!

12 cans = $99.99 + free shipping!

Box Specs:

A beer subscription box fit for a king. The beer experts over at Craft Beer Kings will hand-pick a variety of beers specifically for you each month. 

On their website, you will have the option to select which subscription box you want for yourself or want to give away as a gift. They have 11 different box choices, making it easy to find a box for even the pickiest beer drinkers in your life.

  • With each box you have the option to select 6 or 12 beers. We recommend the 12-beer option, since it works out a bit cheaper per beer. We are all about getting the most beer for your buck around here!

4. HonestBrew

Honest Brew

“We’re dedicated to providing the most convenient way for beer drinkers to discover innovative and exciting brewers” – HonestBrew

The Price:

6 beers = $32 + free shipping
9 beers = $42 + free shipping
12 beers = $52 + free shipping

Box Specs:

HonestBrew’s mission statement is to help you drink better beer. They source their brews from hundreds of independent producers around the world, and then deliver right to your door every month, with a fresh beer guarantee.

They have 2 different monthly beer boxes to choose from. Each box can be ordered as 6, 9, or 12 beers delivered monthly.

Mixed Styles: A delectable mix of pale, dark, lager and more, for a full craft beer experience.

IPAs & Pale Ales: Hand-picked beers for the hop lover. A wonderful mix of pale ales and IPAs.

 *International shipping is currently suspended (just available for UK recipients at the moment, but they are working on a fix). 

5. Beer Across America

Beer Across America

“It’s all about quality. You expect us to send you the best of the best and that’s what we’re committed to doing.” – Beer Across America

The Price:

$42.95/ month + free shipping!

Box Specs:

Beer Across America is one of the longest-running beer subscription services around, and for good reason. Being a member of this beer of the month club means you will be getting some of the absolute best craft beers America has to offer.

  • Each month you receive 12 unique beers, picked out just for you. Each beer delivery box will feature 4 different varieties from 2 different craft breweries from different regions in the country. 

While you don’t have as much freedom to select the exact styles you want, you will be getting rare, and sometimes award-winning, beers. You can see what beers will be delivered each month, and if you see a beer that you don’t want, you can easily select to skip a month.

6. Beer52


Building a community of people who love craft beer” – Beer52

 The Price:

 $34 + free shipping

Box Specs:

Beer52 is a craft beer subscription service based in the UK that brings you a new selection of beer from a different country each month. They are the UK’s largest craft beer discovery club for good reason. 

There are two different box options for each month’s new delivery.

  • Mixed beers: A selection of light & dark beers.
  • Light beers: A selection of light beers only.

Each box can come in a bundle of 8, 10, or 12 craft beers. You will also receive a delicious beer snack to enjoy with your mysterious beer selection.

7. Hop-Heads Beer Club

Hop Heads Club

“Hoppy beers for hop heads from both U.S. & international breweries” – Hop-Heads Beer Club

 The Price:

$34.95/ month + $15 shipping

Box Specs:

Finally, a beer delivery box just for the hop-heads out there. This craft beer subscription service delivers hoppy beers from both international and U.S microbreweries.

Each box includes 12 hoppy beers in a variety of styles including session IPA’s, double IPA’s, IPL’s, imperial IPL’s, red ales, and more. Every month you will receive 4 bottles or cans of 3 different style beers.

You also will get detailed tasting notes, beer profiles, and recommended food pairings. This box will make any hop lover in your life very happy.

8. The Original Craft Beer Club     

Craft Beer Club

“From America’s Best Micro Breweries.” – Craft Beer Of The Month Club

The Price:

From $44.75 per month

Box Specs:

An American brand, the Craft Beer Club researches the best craft beers across the USA and delivers them to your door. Each month you get 12 beers.

Their subscription is also quite versatile: you may choose an ongoing beer club membership, an occasional subscription for whenever it pleases you, or a quarterly subscription. You can also gift straight to someone else’s door.

They claim to be the original ‘craft beer club’ so you can be sure they deliver! Get up to 3 bonus gifts with your first shipment, from bottle openers to custom koozies.

9. First Sip Brew Box

First Sip Brewbox

“Every month, we feature a different brewery and fill your box with beer gear, branded glasses, stickers, and other amazing swag to build your collection.” – First Sip Brew Box

The Price:

$25-$60/month + $12 shipping

Box Specs:

This one is a little different. It may be what you’re looking for if beer and brewing is a real hobby of yours. There are 3 different box options available from First Sip Brew Box.

Each month a different brewery is featured, and you’ll receive a box full of different beer gear. Just to be clear, none of these boxes actually contain any beer. 

  • The Brewmaster Brew Box: Includes a unique piece of brewery swag from the featured brewery of the month.
  • The Enthusiast Brew Box: This box includes the Brewmaster Box AND craft-beer inspired treats from a local bakery that uses beer in its baking.
  • The Connoisseur Brew Box: A premium box with curated special extras. And, of course, brewery swag and tasty snacks.

10. Craft Beer Coopery

Craft Beer Coopery

“Share a beer. Start a convo.” – Craft Beer Coopery

The Price:

$54.95 + Shipping

Box Specs:

A craft beer monthly subscription that’s designed to start real conversations amongst beer fans. This one is currently only available in Australia, but if you are residing in that beautiful country, then this box is for you and your mates.

Each monthly box contains:

  • 9 hand-selected craft beers
  • A snack to enjoy with your beer
  • Tasting notes 
  • Beer coasters

11. The Rare Beer Club

The Rare Beer Club

“It’s an exciting time to be a beer lover.” – Rare Beer Club

The Price:

2 bottles = $37.95/month + $15 shipping
4 bottles = $56.95/month + $19 shipping
6 bottles = $73.95/month + $24 shipping

Box Specs:

With this beer subscription box, you will be getting super rare and delicious beers hand-picked by a tasting panel that collectively has over 100 years in the brewing industry. 

Each month you will receive 2, 4 or 6 750ml bottles of limited release, artisanal beers from some of the world’s best brewers.

These are the beers you can’t find on your own, making it the perfect beer subscription gift for the beer connoisseurs in your life.

12. The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club

The U.S.Microbrewed Beer Club

“We bring you an impressive variety of styles, each and every month.” – The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club

The Price:

$31.95/month + $15 shipping

Box Specs:

This is a beer club focused on bringing the best American-brewed craft beers right to you or your gift recipient’s door on a monthly basis.

Their goal is to send you different varieties, keeping the fun of discovering new beers first and foremost. 

Within this monthly beer delivery box you will receive:

  • 12, 12 oz beers from 2 different microbreweries across the U.S. The selection of 12 is made up of 3 beers in each of the 4 different beer styles.
  • Detailed tasting notes so you and your friends can learn exactly what you’re tasting.

13. The International Beer Club

The International Beer Club

“Quality Craft Beers from the World’s Best Brewers.” – The International Beer Club

The Price:

$39.95/month + $15 shipping

Box Specs:

As a craft beer lover, sometimes it’s fun to drink beers from other countries. Brewers’ tastes and preferences differ quite a lot from country to country. 

This is one of the best beer subscription boxes for those wanting to try a variety of international brews. In this box you will receive:

  • 12, 12 oz hand-selected brews from the world’s best international breweries. Each box will contain six cans in each two different beer styles..
  • A monthly newsletter with detailed tasting notes and brewery histories from that month’s brewery selections.

14. The U.S. And International Variety Beer Club

The US and International Variety Beer Club

“You or your gift recipient will enjoy exceptional and award-winning American craft brews, plus uncommon, imported brews” – U.S. and International Variety Beer Club

The Price:

$35.95/month + $15 shipping

Box Specs:

This is a beer club that sends you some of the best beers from both the U.S. and abroad, every single month. Enjoy exceptional American craft beers and traditional beers from around the world that you may never have tried before. 

Each month, their beer experts select 2 featured beer styles from U.S. microbreweries and 2 imported beer styles. You will be the most cultured beer drinker amongst all your friends!

Each monthly beer box will include:

  • 12, 12 oz beers from international and U.S. based microbreweries. The selection of 12 is made up of 3 beers for each of the 4 different beer styles.
  • Tasting notes, beer profiles, and suggested food pairings.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking to drink new and rare beers from across the world or are looking for the best gift ever for a beer lover, look no further.

These subscription box services are designed to make drinking beers both easy and exciting. Why not pick the brand that looks best for you today, and then try a new one a few months later? Craft beer delivered right to your front door will always be a treat.

We’d love to hear about your favorite beer subscription box, whether it’s one of our suggestions or another favorite.

And let us know what the best beer box you ever received contained!

If beer isn’t your thing, don’t forget that there are some amazing wine subscription boxes out there as well.

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